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panda loves all

  1. Panda

    List of the Polls I have Made (Just for Organization Purposes)

    Something that I have dearly missed doing in my absence from KPS is creating polls. Now, I have made a lot of polls and many (if not all) of them being kinda controversial thank you KPS staff for not deleting them or giving me warning points lmao so I decided to make a list with all of the...
  2. Panda

    Hello My Loves

    No clue if anyone noticed, but I haven't been online much for the last month, and I have been trying to get back to it the last two days but, that's not important lmao. I just wanted to tell you all to take care of yourselves. Those who are in school are about to face finals (or AP exams)...
  3. Panda

    I made a VIXX Discord Server

    I honestly have no clue if there already exists one, but I decided to make one anyways... It's not completely done (I still need emotes lmao but that's it) but I want to start having people enter it. (there's literally no one there but me lmao) SO! If you want to enter a VIXX discord server, I...
  4. Panda

    A Discovery (Gamer Related lmao)

    Probably that somebody else has made, but I actually found this quite time some ago. I thought I would share! :pandaamazed: There's this song called With Love by TVXQ. And it lowkey sounds like it comes straight from a farming game, like Harvest Moon or something lmao Any other songs that...
  5. Panda

    ~ Lovely Panda Anon ^-^ ~

    Hellooo Everyoneee ^^ I have been gone for a long while, part of it because of finals, part of it because life is messy! But, I'm back! And, I decided to make an anon, because I realized that I have never done one here on KPS! So, I decided to make this a permanent anon which will also be...