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  1. Yili

    Group [OFFICIAL] We are WEi! - WEi Thread 👋 ByeByeBye 👋

    WEi is a boy group under Oui Entertainment and consists of six members: Daehyeon, Donghan, Yongha, Yohan, Seokhwa, and Junseo. They officially debuted on October 5th, 2020 with the title track ‘TWILIGHT‘. Their latest comeback is the album 'Identity: Action' along with a bright summer track by...
  2. dokyeomon

    TV [SPOILER] [PRODUCE X 101 EP. 11] This line-up is fukk'd lmao

    gukheon hyeonsu lee hyeop suhwan hyunbin so much talent and charisma gone, know not gonna be shady but um some really sub-par trainees are left I knew this was to be expected but still I am kinda triggered :yolk::yolk::yolk: and BBY GUKHEON I'LL MISS YOU...
  3. Rumi

    Reality What do you think the finale songs for PDX101 will sound like?

    For me I hope for songs like Super Hot, and Crush... NO SENSUAL SONGS PLEASE!! (Looking at you Hands On Me >___>) And for the final mixed stage... hmm... I dont want a super sad, mellow song? Something slow, like ''Beautiful'' by Wanna One? But with lyrics that actually suit. How about you...
  4. Mayday

    Appreciation My pick for PDX101

    As he's been in the industry for about 5 years, Seungyeon is extremely well rounded. He's produced songs for popular artists as well, such as Suran, and has even produced songs for the previous Produce seasons and Idol Producer. He speaks Portuguese (He attended school in Brazil), Korean...