1. potato

    Appreciation Post one positive personality trait about yourself

    No negativity guys. I don't want to see anyone saying 'nothing'. Everyone has a positive aspect about themselves. :pepeheart: Mine would be patience. I hardly ever get angry at someone because I'm impatient with them and I'm often complimented on my patience with people. What about you?
  2. Mayday

    What color are you?

    I got blue. "You are lonely, sad, and a bit edgy", lmao? I'm not sad, lonely, or edgy, but it is what it is ig 😂 Take the quiz here~
  3. marublade

    Am I projecting my own personality onto Kun? [18+ ish, but not really]

    If you haven't seen my thread about Kun Maybe I am projecting myself onto him? I have been described by many as a mother bear, especially towards friends who are younger than me... I also don't mind people teasing me and...