1. marublade

    Rumor EXO COMEBACK INCOMING [According to some articles]

  2. marublade

    Appreciation Manifesting EXO 2021 comeback

    Let us all manifest an EXO comeback together! Some article mentioned Kyungsoo is preparing for EXO comeback or smth Kai was hiding his hair We have 7 members available rn (6 even if we don't count Lay) WE JUST FUCKING DESERVE A COMEBACK TT PLEASE SM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE @Exo-L
  3. marublade

    Appreciation I need the Aespa comeback NOW

    I'm so sick of waiting PLEAE give it to me NOW I am really happy just seeing Giselle being a cutie in their videos but PLEASE GIMME THE COMEBACK!!! Also can I jut say, I am falling for Aespa members soooo bad! Like Giselle is still my bias, but the others are SO LOVEABLE too!! Ningning...
  4. ChaCha

    WayV is taking over my lifeeee

  5. marublade

    @all current and former trolls, I need your help

    TEACH ME TO TROLL PLZ! I just found out I am about as shit at it as can go.... PLEASE GIVE ME TIPS AND TRICKS!
  6. kxngdvid


    Okay hi guys so i recently heard a snippet of a kpop song in one of those kpop ganes on youtube and i cant seem to find the name ... CAN YALL HELP heres the screenshot of the video
  7. marublade

    18+ I've found myself a new ult group

    EXO get out of the way Apeace is coming through! please give me an MV where they have this scene from the 1st picture only with Kai... please? Just kidding with the title but still... I'm about to look up everything about these men! Then we also have this...
  8. marublade

    Appreciation Kai needs to be stopped

    this isn't OK anymore... somebody stop him.... just... make him stop.... please...
  9. marublade

    @Carats , somebody please take the job of posting updates on Seventeen... I'm lazy...

    So much is going on with Seventeen, but nobody is posting updates on them... I know that I technically could, by I am already doing my best with WayV and EXO, so PLEASE somebody... ANYBODY! Well, while we are at it, they played Seventeen's next japanese single on radio in japan and it sounds...
  10. kuro

    I'm having a horrible day at school and I need someone to listen

    literally anyone who'd just listen to me, no fancy reply required please, I'm so stressed and I just want to scream. thank you <3 :pepecry1:
  11. marublade

    Appreciation So EXO is nominated at Billboard... So if they will attend the show does that mean...

    Does that mean we will get another interview with Ellie? Because I need that! I need a good and proper interview with Ellie with all the updated gossip! Honestly, before I really didn't care about the nomination, but now that I have realized what it could mean! That it could mean another Ellie...
  12. marublade

    Lay is in Korea so what if...

    ...What if we get an OT9 vlive... Or any kind of OT9 content... What if... I am dreaming I know, but I will never stop hoping... PLease to god, to SM, to China and to everyone with any kind of influence over anything in this world... LET US HAVE OT9 CONTENT...