1. Kat_in_the_box

    A Mew Poem (Cats Like to be Purrfect)

    Happy as a feline all my ducks lined up in a row always being lazy, always being perfect my cries for attention knows no limits limited only by my imagination I mew a lot, I purr a lot too My needs have been met All the cat food is now mine mine and mine alone My own kingdom come I come along...
  2. RainbowDevil

    Official What if I told you

    that what I'm about to say is true and that only the Chiss are blue might that be the case? alas they did not reveal their face Zabraks did, colored in tattoos and yet they still wear no shoes speaking of shoes, bring the Togruta they mate but don't worry they aren't futa more species in the...
  3. Kat_in_the_box

    Give me something to write about pls and thank you

    Any theme is an option at this point. I will write a poem with whatever theme you guys come up with. Stay glam! P.S: I usually write darkly poems and gothic orientated ones. But I want to do something unusual for once, for my sake and to my fans who will see it :)
  4. potato

    rose-tinted memories

    Rose-tinted memories. Hands clasped firmly Together. Rose-tinted memories, Like glasses shading me From the sun, Covering me from seeing the real light. Rose-tinted memories Of beauty And the purple flush of dawn. Rose-tinted memories. A pink walk of wonder. - potato This wasn't mean to be...
  5. potato

    Appreciation A poem for @KidLeader112

    To @KidLeader112 :nekolove: This is a poem for my daughter. We haven't known each other long but She is a lot like rose water; Both sweet and full of roses. But unlike the beautiful flower, Her prickly thorns are nonexistent. It's like she has some sort of superpower To make everyone around...