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  1. blueberries

    News Pokemon of the year released! (+top 5)

    Pokemon of the year 2020 by official poll is Greninja!: Pokémon of the Year 2020 | Pokémon Vote Results 2nd place: Lucario 3rd place: Mimikyu 4rd place: Charizard 5rd place: Umbreon I feel kinda old when most of these are Pokemons i'm not rly familiar with xd Especially Greninja...
  2. Kat_in_the_box

    Discussion Your Pokemon Team on Sword + Shield

    I had a prior team but they changed after I beat the champion Leon. What's your team right now? Here is mine. I chose all the cute ones lol. but xatu I used on other games before and liked how he fared.
  3. raymondchouku

    Discussion Sword & Shield

    So, I bought Sword and Shield on Saturday since I couldn't get it on Friday, because I had a seizure... But I have been playing it intermitantly since then (because my arm hurts and its hard to do that and plus I'm really busy with Disney+... Wait was that the world's worst pun...).. There's...
  4. colorfulteardrop

    Discussion [Official] Pokemon Sword and Shield Thread

    In 3 months the new pokemon game "Pokemon Sword and Shield" will be released. It is the start of the new generation! The game will be released on Nintendo Switch and is the first main game for this console (Let's go-Series is a spinoff) The story takes place in the Galar Region. In every new...
  5. JakeyWantsCakey

    Opinions Should I get Pokemon Let's Go Eevee?

    I've just started to use my Switch again and Pokemon games are generally some of my faves but I downloaded the demo and I'm still not quite sold on it (mainly due to the controls). I've been watching some of the games play on YouTube and it does seem like the kinda thing I'd like but I'm weary...
  6. lexus

    Discussion Have you ever found a shiny pokemon?

    I'm bored and curious. :pandarolleyes: The first shiny I ever caught was a Diglett. It just appeared randomly and I thought it was pretty cool. Too bad I couldn't keep it because I found it on a game emulator, that I had on my laptop, and it didn't save my game. :pandanoreaction: However, I...
  7. Poetry

    Discussion Which pokemon are you?

    I think I'm Pancham.
  8. SeulPika

    Appreciation I've just found the most uwu gif

    And no it isn't of Seulgi... Though you can enjoy SeulPika whilst you're here!!!
  9. blueberries

    Discussion Honest Trailer: Pokemon: The First Movie

    Bit of nostalgia for 90s kids huh :sakUwu::sakUwu: It's midnight forgive me the unimaginative title @StarlightGalaxy @mysteric for that poké content
  10. Mangoey

    Discussion Favorite Pokemon?

    title ^ It changes all the time for me, but rn I really like Cinccino It's cute and unexpectedly powerful at the same time :pepeaww::pepeaww::pepeaww:
  11. Rukia

    Detective Pikachu Trailer 2

    I'm so hyped for this movie. I didn't have any expectations at first but the budget is pretty high. The CGI is amazing.
  12. emanresu

    Pokemon Red/Blue Is The Best Pokemon Game. Fight Me.

    Pokemon Red/Blue Is The Best Pokemon Game. Fight Me. There's like a million Pokemon games. But none have reached the magic as the first iterations, Pokemon Red and Blue, released in 1998. Nothing beats those first games. It has the best pokemon. The best adventure. The best story. The...
  13. NeoSquare