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  1. Pall_Jonsson

    The Sun smiles as the Rainbow parts ways

    Sunshine eternally the spirit of ones soul bold and calm calm and uplifting downgrading my situation with a song or two a hymn of the wilderness I kiss you with a smile all the while you blush as you rush towards the moon and play the flute of youth to boost my morale my composure my resolve my...
  2. raymondchouku

    Appreciation Best of Luck

    As there is so much negativity (among some fans) as to Chen getting married, I figured some positivity would go a long way. One of his best solo works from back in the day:
  3. potato

    Appreciation Post one positive personality trait about yourself

    No negativity guys. I don't want to see anyone saying 'nothing'. Everyone has a positive aspect about themselves. :pepeheart: Mine would be patience. I hardly ever get angry at someone because I'm impatient with them and I'm often complimented on my patience with people. What about you?