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    18+ Shame a simp

    Brandon...... Short back story..... I left a comment on one of George Takei's Facebook posts, and I end up with this guy snooping on my FB profile and simping after my partner..... He's got one thing right... She certainly is hot! :pepeheart: But unfortunately for wannabe alphamale...
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    Appreciation I've changed my signature!!!

    It's now December. Which means that I am getting into the Christmas spirit! And ultimately, that also means that there will finally be a change in my signature!!! :jisoosmh: Introducing my new signature....... :haylul::jenniesmug::sippinthetea:
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    News Red Velvet - Music of the Year Daesang

    Psycho won Music of the Year (Daesang) at the 2020 Soribada Awards! This now means that Red Velvet's The Reve Festival trilogy has won a daesang for each release, as Zimzalabim, Umpah Umpah and Psycho have all won Daesangs!!
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    Appreciation My 2nd signed RV album

    I don't meant to flex. But just look at the latest addition to my collection!!! :pikahappy: The Velvet album signed by OT5 is a wonderful addition to my already existing collection of signed albums!!!! :sakUwu:
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    Photo Miss Sexy Dynamite k worded Luvies

    I feel as though Miss Korea has personally attacked me :maheart:
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    Flexing my Pokemon card collection

    :jenniesmug: What do y'all think? :sakUwu: This is only a small sample from my entire collection of Pokemon cards (which does include all 151 original Pokemon). I also have more from the Neo series and Skyridge series. And I might do a part two, of this one day...... :sanapray: And my...
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    Karma is a Reveluv

    Seulgi & Joy being awarded by the Seoul Transporation Corporation a few days after that shady SBS article is the queen shit behaviour that we like to see!! "Have a nice day" The subtle shade to those haters who said that hearing Seulgi & Joy's voices on the subway, somehow ruins their day...