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  1. HalldorOlafsson

    some relationship advice pls

    @seungfloral @kimsguardian @Vikki Currently the lass I am with we hold hands and hug. Is there a certain time for kissing? like we have been hugging and holding hands for a while I do not want to make it seem awkward and it took a while before we were comfortable with hug and hand holding.
  2. perhapz

    Relationship goals

    Hyehul best ship ever
  3. perhapz

    My relationship with CLC

    CLC had three comebacks this year: No, Me and Devil. I can legit say by now that I love all of them. They're 3/3 for bops this year imo. Gotta be honest, I didn't like No at first. It just wasn't my style, but after trying it again after a few months after the comeback, I just loved it. It...
  4. RainbowDevil

    Are you afraid of being cheated on?

    I'm sure some of us on the forum are either currently in a relationship or have been in one and even if not this is something that might scare you for a future one. Being cheated on is one of my personal biggest nightmares, I feel like I'd be traumatized and shattered, the person I "love" with...
  5. maruberry

    Game Describe your relationship with other users of this forum [Tagging game]

    Who do you associate and talk with and what are your interactions like? @Jiminish I love to hate you! You are just so annoyingly attatched to Dotae and I would love to ruin your dreams! Love ya babe! @Soleski The total opposite of jiminish, you are a sunshine and if I ever met you, I would give...
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation Chaeyeon x Sakura (ChaeKkura) is the best! [18+]

    Chaeyeon and Sakura are the best together! Actual girlfriends! It is very obvious that Sakura is the dom and Chaeyeon is the sub in this relationship. Sakua only acts the dorky, kinda confused girl part. She is actually in control of everything and knows how to get what she wants. That includes...