1. Xeulgi

    Teaser ROSÉ - COMING SOON Teaser!!!

    :pandaomg: @Blink
  2. DarlingBlue

    Appreciation Rosé's First Girlfriend

    @Girl Group @Blink
  3. DarlingBlue

    Appreciation The Biggest Player in Korea

    @Blink Ashley, Lisa, Hyeri, Suzy Doesn't Rosie have enough girlfriends :jisoosmh:
  4. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation OLENS 'Holiday with BLACKPINK'

    BLACKPINK - OLENS 'Holiday with Blackpink' These images are so nice! :nekolove:
  5. DarlingBlue

    News Rosie Has A Puppy Now!!

  6. OnlyCalB

    Appreciation [Instagram] Rose - Saint Laurent, Denim

    Rose - Saint Laurent She looks so good! :nekolove: @Blink
  7. OnlyCalB

    News BLACKPINK - THE SHOW (Livestream Concert) - 27th December

    Trailer Message Guide Video ----- Official Tweets: @Blink
  8. uwuWinter

    Appreciation Blackpink NETFLIX Live Global Fan Event live at 9pm KST 20201013 in 14 minutes

    A Blackpink Global fan event is going live in awhile at 9pm KST on 2020.10.13 I hv no idea wats is gonna be shown or if were supposed to hv Netflix to watch it or wat. Just letting those interested its on. (I think its probably advertising the doc; but if they explicitly said tat i dint know n...
  9. OnlyCalB

    Performance BLACKPINK Comeback Stage @ MBC Show Music Core ('LSG' & 'Pretty Savage')

    BLACKPINK Comeback Stage @ MBC Show Music Core 20.10.10 'Lovesick Girls' 'LSG' Choreography Cam 'Pretty Savage' 'Pretty Savage' Choreography Cam __________ 'LSG' Individual Cams __________ 'Pretty Savage' Individual Cams
  10. uwuWinter

    News BlackPink interview/Access Hollywood - talking abt Ice Cream with Selena Gomez (uploaded) 2020.10.01

    Imma gonna spam this video interview of BlackPink/Access Hollywood, cos i just found it but if id found it earlier i might no hv been able to post it on blackpink artistvthread: Its more talking abt Ice cream collab with Selena Gomez but the timing of upload 2020.10.01 is hype/synergistic with...
  11. uwuWinter

    Comeback Blackpink vlive for the comeback at 2020.10.02 10:00am KST This is the link 4 Blackpink vlive in 15 mins 4 their comeback "the Album". @Blink Anybody else excited n awake to watch?
  12. Emanresu

    Appreciation Silver Haired Rosie Is On Fire

    Silver Haired Rosie Is On Fire Silver flames I tell you. Silver freaking flames.
  13. uwuWinter

    Teaser BlackPink 20200828 date n new poster teased for 2nd pre-release single for

    So 20200828 is the date of BlackPink's 2nd prerelease single fro"m The Album" their first full studio album. Still no confirmation on feat. tho.
  14. JakeyWantsCakey

    Appreciation This is why I stan Rose

    She's just so sweet and wholesome and just seems like she'd be really down to earth and easy to have a conversation with plus you can tell she's not TRYING to be funny which I feel like a lot of idols do when their on lives like this. She's just kind of casually sitting there and talking to...
  15. OnlyCalB

    Performance BLACKPINK 'How You Like That' Comback Stage @ Inkigayo 20.06.28

    [email protected] SBS Inkigayo 20.06.28 'How You Like That' Group Fancam Individual Fancams, Full Individual FaceCams
  16. Darkyoda47

    News Rosé for Elle Korea July 2020 Issue!

  17. NeoSquare

    News YG's plans for their current backbone group

    Rosé solo in September Lisa solo prepared Jisoo in the works BlackPink full album in September So basically they'll cram Rosé's long awaited solo and the long awaited album in 1 month And knowing it's YG, we'll get BP comeback in 2026 :pandahappy:
  18. gayzone

    Discussion if blackpink members were men

  19. lexus

    Discussion Which hair color looks best on Rosé?

    I don't if I picked the best gifs for this thread, but whatever :wimwim: Anywho, which hair color do you like the best on Rosé? Mine is definitely blonde. She looks absolute amazing with it :nekolove: Orange Dark Brown Red Pink(ish) Blonde Black I've worked on this...
  20. DarlingBlue

    Appreciation Rosé (Pre-debut)- When You Look Me In The Eyes

    Such a cutie:umjicry: :umjicry: :umjicry: (Un)Happy 8 years under YGE Chaeyoung :nekolove: