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  1. Moguri

    Rosie presenting her luxurious horrrme

    :llama_laugh: @Blink
  2. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink - Cool Magazine (February) - 2023

  3. Skorge

    Photo Blackpink Rosé - Dazed (Korea) March 2022

  4. seoriverse

    do blackpink have a special nickname?

    yk like how bts are called the tannies and le sserafim the fimmies. do they have one?
  5. Abeamus

    Found Completed Rosé Rare set!

    Another set that I just so happened to complete :pandashrug: Thanks to the following people for helping me complete this set :sanapray: @Tsukino for Rosé 2 @Generator for everything else :pandatea:
  6. seoriverse

    Rumor Blackpink Rosé was supposed to feature on a Bella Poarch song??

    This is all very unexpected but Rosé was supposed to feature in a remix of Build-a-Bitch by Bella Poarch. She even wrote the verse she was supposed to sing herself! YG (surprisingly 🙄) decided to not release the song. An account ended up leaking it anyways. Here's the leaked version @Blink
  7. Puddles

    Don’t cry Rosé

    We missed you too! :jenniecry:
  8. Yerichu

    Chaeyoung & Chaeyoung TOGETHER! 💕

    Literally meaning, TWICE & BLACKPINK's Chaeyoungs were seen together.... 👀 According to netizens on an online community, TWICE's Chaeyoung and BLACKPINK's Rosé were recently spotted out hanging out during a dinner date! Witness accounts say that Chaeyoung and Rosé, also known as Chaeyoung and...
  9. yamazaki

    rose being the angel she is, once again

    her voice is heavenly and so are her guitar skills !! :DD
  10. yamazaki

    gorgeous feathery rosie !

    merry christmas rosie posie ! and those pants are great, omg
  11. yamazaki

    rosie is gorgeous, once again

    this hair colour suits her so well !! really gives her that indie, youthful feel :DDddd
  12. yamazaki

    rosé and yves saint laurent

    gorgeous :pandatea:
  13. LoveYooShaSha


  14. LoveYooShaSha

    Video Rosé 'Gone' Special Film - from "sea of hope" tv show

    Rosé 'Gone' Special Film - from "sea of hope" tv show @Blink