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  1. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Sana - Instagram Update - March 18th, 2023

  2. Moguri

    Photo Cute selfies from Sana & Minas meetup with Heize!

    Just imagine being a cute radio host and getting hugged by your sweet guests :llama_squish: Certainly this was Minas idea :llama_laugh: @Once
  3. Moguri

    MISSHA JAPAN announces Sana as their new ambassador

  4. Moguri

    18+ Sana likes naked

    I guess she found this drink today, ofc she had to share it on her IG story right away :sanapray: :lisalaugh: @Once
  5. Skorge

    Photo TWICE Sana - Espoir Photoshoot - 2023

  6. Moguri

    Appreciation Sana never skips leg day

    Help :llama_blush::llama_BLEED: @Once
  7. Moguri

    Appreciation Does Sana believe herself to be the coolest person on the planet now??

    After fooling us all and based on all the airport pictures from today, I would say she clearly does :passcodea: @Once
  8. Moguri

    Is orange Sana returning??

    Looks like it :passcodea: @Once
  9. Moguri

    Appreciation Sana was horsie riding!

    Sadly no footage of her actually riding the horsie, but I'm sure she had a great time :llama_squish: @Once
  10. Moguri

    Sana and her Tree

    Sana took some cute pics with this tree :pandaamazed:
  11. Moguri

    Why are all the MiSaMo trailers exactly 0:36 seconds long?

    Ignoring the group trailer, all 3 individual trailers where exactly 0:36 seconds long, what does it mean? The checksum of 0:36 is 9... so it is a reference to Twice? Do you think there is more to it, or is it just a coincidence? @Once help me out detectives! :pikasmart:
  12. Moguri

    Appreciation Which MiSaMo individual trailer did you like best?

    Okay okay, now that I have calmed down again after the shock, lets focus on the positive again!
  13. Yerichu

    Group Official MISAMO Thread! *DEBUT COMING SOON 7/2023!*

    WELCOME TO MISAMO OFFICIAL GROUP THREAD! MISAMO is a Sub Unit from TWICE that is set to make their group debut in July 2023 with a mini album consiting of 6 songs in Japan. It consists of the members of the J-Line in TWICE. The Group consists of Mina, Sana & Momo *OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS ARE THE...