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  1. Taeri

    Appreciation Santa Claus

    Sehun as Santa for the kids in Christmas :’) EXO the group that you only hear about their good deeds months after :nekolove:
  2. Skinnny

    Discussion So how.....

    Are you gonna spend your holidays/winter break? Would you prefer to rest or get things done? In my case, I am gonna spend these holidays studying or getting some work done so I can feel accomplished and don't have to regret that I wasted my holidays. Wbu?
  3. Koala

    Appreciation A rap for my secret Santa~A smiling Snack like the anime prince,Yuta

    Hello there to you~ <3 If you haven’t known. I’m LeeriaYa,also Koala,BUT HERE’s the twist I’m your secret Santa. We don’t really know eachother,but you’re someone who has even said her ultimate Bias is Yuta The happy virus and Lover Virus of NCT What better way to prepare something he would...