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  1. Boyo

    Appreciation When Mingyu ended deluluness

    That time when Mingyu said no delulu fans in this house… :lisalaugh:
  2. Boyo

    Appreciation Happy birthday to S.Coups!

    Happy birthday to Seventeen’s amazing leader! :bigcatclap: :excitedcat: @Carat
  3. Boyo

    Appreciation SVT is deep

    Coelhao and Coupsie’s philosophical thoughts for ya all! :pepelook: I love them. :pikahappy: @Carat
  4. Jewel

    Appreciation S.COUPS TOO?!

    Why are they all coming after me :pepecry1: @Carat
  5. alo

    parts in kpop songs that transport you to another dimension?

    credits to @jesus_christ and @ilychan cause i saw them do these kinds of threads before me :pandalove: !! anyway it's actually such a shame how i don't talk so much about seungcheol over here, even when he's my ult. anyway appreciate his heavenly whispered post-bridge chorus here's his...
  6. Saythename17

    Appreciation HAPPY S.COUPS DAY!

    Happy Birthday to Sungcheol, uri leadernim of Seventeen! 1. His Role S.Coups being a role model to his 12 children. To set him as SEVENTEEN's leader was a right desicion to make. We Carats know how much he loves and cares for the members. He deserves the leader role. He is always there to...
  7. Saythename17

    First SEVENTEEN song you listened to?

    The first SEVENTEEN song I listened to is Boomboom. What about you?
  8. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Hoshi please