1. Ozymandias

    MV Sechskies- All for you (MV) feat. Yoo Hee-Yeol

    The 1st gen ahjussi legends are back :sj_weary: Song was written by Yoo Hee-Yeol from Yoo Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook and is doing pretty well on the charts. Former member Kang Sunghoon was such a big part of their songs, having him absent still feels jarring but they can all song and it's great...
  2. Yseki

    Comeback Saving YG Ent

    One bop at a time
  3. karina

    Teaser EUN JIWON - I'M ON FIRE

    my boy Jiwon is almost back!!!! and with them nice old school sound
  4. karina

    Performance Couple - Sechskies & Wanna One [THROWBACK]

    Just saying: JEKKI JJANG on another note: this performance is just lovely. Sechskies really don't age, couple is a classic bop, and the Wanna One members did such a good job.
  5. karina

    Appreciation SECHSKIES.... OH LOVE~

    Hello, everyone. Today I will dedicate this thread to the wonderful group called SECHSKIES. 1. MV and performance's [3 Words will forever be the best fandom song] 2. B-Sides [sadly mostly on Youtube you will find the whole albums] to end this: JEKKI JJANG
  6. karina

    Cover How Kangta finished all the fanwars

    Yes You are seeing it right. H.O.T's Kangta is singing Sechskies Couple. All fanwars are ended now. What a legend he is.
  7. karina

    Comeback Eun Jiwon saying that Sechskies is working on the new Title

    This is making me happy. Curretnly there is a lot going on with Sechskies but just knowing that they are working on new material is calming me down. Hopefully the comeback will be soon. I really miss them. Let's anticipate the return of this legendary group.