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  1. Abeamus

    News YG Entertainment issues apology for Sechskies Eun Jiwon violating social distancing regulations

    We have confirmed that Eun Ji Won recently visited Jeju Island. We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused by this incident amid the efforts of the quarantine authorities and the sacrifice of many people to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Eun Ji Won is currently deeply reflecting on his...
  2. Abeamus

    News Sechskies Lee Jae Jin announces marriage

    On May 11, the artist’s agency YG Entertainment stated in an official statement that Lee Jae Jin and his partner had decided to tie the knot. Lee Jae Jin also personally announced his marriage and thanked his fans and SECHSKIES members for their support. Read his agency’s statement below...
  3. Darkseid

    MV Sechskies- All for you (MV) feat. Yoo Hee-Yeol

    The 1st gen ahjussi legends are back :sj_weary: Song was written by Yoo Hee-Yeol from Yoo Hee-Yeol's Sketchbook and is doing pretty well on the charts. Former member Kang Sunghoon was such a big part of their songs, having him absent still feels jarring but they can all song and it's great...
  4. Yseki

    Comeback Saving YG Ent

    One bop at a time
  5. yeji

    Teaser EUN JIWON - I'M ON FIRE

    my boy Jiwon is almost back!!!! and with them nice old school sound
  6. yeji

    Performance Couple - Sechskies & Wanna One [THROWBACK]

    Just saying: JEKKI JJANG on another note: this performance is just lovely. Sechskies really don't age, couple is a classic bop, and the Wanna One members did such a good job.
  7. yeji

    Appreciation SECHSKIES.... OH LOVE~

    Hello, everyone. Today I will dedicate this thread to the wonderful group called SECHSKIES. 1. MV and performance's [3 Words will forever be the best fandom song] 2. B-Sides [sadly mostly on Youtube you will find the whole albums] to end this: JEKKI JJANG
  8. yeji

    Cover How Kangta finished all the fanwars

    Yes You are seeing it right. H.O.T's Kangta is singing Sechskies Couple. All fanwars are ended now. What a legend he is.
  9. yeji

    Comeback Eun Jiwon saying that Sechskies is working on the new Title

    This is making me happy. Curretnly there is a lot going on with Sechskies but just knowing that they are working on new material is calming me down. Hopefully the comeback will be soon. I really miss them. Let's anticipate the return of this legendary group.