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secret santa

  1. la_mort_pour_vous

    Appreciation 🎅 For My Secret Santa 🎅

    It's been wonderful preparing gifts for @Kiseki & I kind of assembled a compilation of my talents to present him a priceless collection of gifts. I always see you as a really headstrong person with a strong ability to argue(in a positive way) who always has an opinion on everything. Your...
  2. Discipline

    Appreciation My lovely Senior Mod, @Jimin

    So unfortunately for you, @Jimin , you've got me as your Secret Santa! Before proceeding any further, this will be a two-part present because one of them isn't ready yet but I will try to complete it as quickly as possible and then tag you again once it's done :yolk: Part One - Appreciation...
  3. Mangoey

    Appreciation New Momoland subunit!!

    Momoland's new subunit, Momoland Elf, just debuted today under KS Entertainment. The subunit consists 5 Momoland members, see if you can recognize all of them! With their debut, they've released two new songs - Hep Hap St4rs and Santa's Helpers. , Check out the MVs below . . . . The new group...
  4. Darth_Felflame

    @Jungkook your gift has arrived

    HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII @Jungkook I'M YOUR SECRETT SANTAAAA Tbh i had no idea what to do for you Since we haven't talked as far as i remember or at least not here But i still wanted to make you a great gift soooo i stalked your profile for a bit and i made this wonderful gif for youuu Iii hope...
  5. Laursynct

    Appreciation Jungkook is an amazing person

    I think jungkook is an amazing person and performer He's has a great vocal technique and I love his voice it so sweet and soothing He's one of the best singers in bts He's also a good song writer He's also a sweet and funny person and seems very close with his members that he loves and...