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selena gomez

  1. LoveYooShaSha

    News BlackPink interview/Access Hollywood - talking abt Ice Cream with Selena Gomez (uploaded) 2020.10.01

    Imma gonna spam this video interview of BlackPink/Access Hollywood, cos i just found it but if id found it earlier i might no hv been able to post it on blackpink artistvthread: Its more talking abt Ice cream collab with Selena Gomez but the timing of upload 2020.10.01 is hype/synergistic with...
  2. Wonder_530948

    Which BLACKPINK song was the first that you've been disappointed at?

    Ice Cream. Instrumental sounds just fine, vocals are average, lyrics are bad. I'm kind of not that into the vibes and the vocals of the song and I dislike such lyrics! Lisa's rap is very cool and the part afterwards is catchy but they're not enough I completely forgot about KAMU and Sour Candy...
  3. Darkseid

    [Very Important Poll]: Are you nice with the cream? If you know what I mean

    :wimwim: These lyrics tho :wimwim: Especially the Nice with the cream if you know what I mean, which is immediately followed by this scene: And then ending with Jennie saying IIIICEEE CREEEAM :wimwim: What are your fav lines for any reason from the song? Drop in below and let's be chillin'...
  4. Mayday

    Audio Everything is Dalla Dalla

  5. Mayday

    Everything is not what it seems