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  1. Saythename17

    First SEVENTEEN song you listened to?

    The first SEVENTEEN song I listened to is Boomboom. What about you?
  2. FaceMcShooty

    18+ Do you like idols with big...

    Do you like idols with big noses? :zoomeyes: As a fan of Dokyeom: and Juyeon: I can only say YES! :llama_flirt:
  3. GloriousHavoc

    Cover Seventeen's Dokyeom playing guitar and singing 'When You Love Someone' by Day6

    I love him, and I love this, and I LOVE that he's learning to play guitar too! :pandalove:
  4. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Cute cute cute

    @dokyeomon My heart will explode :pepecry1: You see this, @TinaB :sadcat:
  5. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation I love him

    Wrong leg, right leg, but he could have held whole of Minghao :llama_flirt: --- Anyway, I need a comeback asap :sanapray:
  6. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Free the forehead!!!

    Do you get excited when after 100 years stylists decide to finally FREE the forehead of your bias? CAUSE I DO! x Unfair level of handsomeness, holy mother of Pledis help me :llama_BLEED:
  7. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation These two are killing me today

    Woozi & DK... My heart is soft... :pepecry1:
  8. GloriousHavoc

    Photo DK hit a Carat with a bottle

    His water bottle slipped into the crowd and he couldn't stop apologizing till the end of Aju Nice performance :llama_laugh: Later he wrote this on fancafe: :sadcat:
  9. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation First Seventeen member to kiss a girl on video (not clickbait)

    It's Dokyeom Village girl & King Arthur (from Xcalibur musical) :llama_squish:
  10. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Farmer boy

    Ok, I really can't stop looking at this gif: HELP :llama_blush:
  11. GloriousHavoc

    18+ King Dokyeom

    Dedicated to @TwentyOneJongdae :queen: And ofc my respected @TinaB and @Soogi :pandalove: --- :sanapray:
  12. GloriousHavoc

    Photo Post serious vs happy photo (or gif) of your bias

    A bit of contrast: vs vs vs
  13. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation I rarely say 'thank you, Pledis', but...

    More HQ :sanapray: :sanapray: :sanapray:
  14. maruberry

    I ship DK, Woozi and Mingyu together [18+]

    I have thought long and hard over this... And I have arrived at a conclusion! I like both Mingyu and DK with Woozi, both so much that I can't really give one up! So I thought to myself... Hey Maruif? Does Woozi REALLY seem like the type of a guy who wouldn't be able to handle 2 cocks? He...
  15. maruberry

    Appreciation Woozi has turned into a Zombie (?)

    I don't know how to title this! He is... well... he is amazingly adorable in this! That sound is everything aswell + him rubbing DK's shoulder like that!
  16. GloriousHavoc

    Photo Post your bias in sleeveless shirt

    Ok, last one isn't sleeveless, but it makes me panic :pepeslippy: @Soogi :pepeheart:
  17. GloriousHavoc

    maruif's bias is bullying my bias

    @maruif :sadcat:
  18. maruberry

    18+ Seventeen's DK is a sub [18+]

    He is a sub and a needy one at that! He is not a masochist or even into pain of any kind! No, he doesn't even like a light spanking (Which makes it a good punishment for him)! What he wants is to be taken care of, to be loved and to be told he is loved multiple times a day, to be told he is...
  19. GloriousHavoc

    Performance Mingyu vs DK [boxing]

    An interesting edit^ :llama_ramen: Here's the full vid:
  20. GloriousHavoc

    Appreciation Favorite hairstyles of your bias

    Post photos/gifs of you bias' best hairstyles. I'll do Dokyeom, ofc :llama_squish: I hope Pledis stylist will free his forehead again :pepecry2: