1. marublade

    Confession of a Woozi stan

    I didn't like Ruby Ok let me explain I like the potential it has, but I do not like the execution of the song. The effect on his voice is wayyy too much the english lyrics don't flow well and sound awkward (they are also very boring overall) the song itself has no contrast at all, it gets very...
  2. litc

    Appreciation Rap Dinosaur

    Rap Dinosaur in the house! I feel like Dino's rap is unappreciated because he's in Performance Team in Seventeen. But he's a pretty good rapper in addition to an amazing main dancer! Ofc he killed his part in Boom Boom And in performance team songs he gets to show his skills a bit more...
  3. LeeHoseok

    Appreciation This is one of the most wholesome friendships in Kpop

    This was Wonho's first ever awards show as a solo artist. Wenee were worried he might be alone since fans could not attend, but we needn't have. Seventeen made sure he knew he was supported. I was outright ugly crying at 6am over how sweet this was. Seeing him back on that stage after three...
  4. marublade

    a tragedy has occurred

    I go away for only a few months.... barely any time I look away and.... oh god... THE WOOZI BADGE!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO IT???? WHY!!! I wanna cry seeing the picture now there... :reallysadcat: I want names... WHO VOTED FOR IT!!!
  5. bunnyviolet

    MV Seventeen - Power of Love MV

  6. Soogi

    Solo SEVENTEEN DINO Official Thread ✧ Nine to ZERO ! Future of Kpop

    ✧ ABOUT DINO ✧ stage name: dino ( 디노 ) real name: lee chan (lee joongchan) birthday: february 11, 1999 zodiac sign: aquarius mbti type: enfj position: main dancer, sub vocal, sub rapper, maknae seventeen subunit: performance unit - he was a trainee for 3 years - he was recruited by pledis in...
  7. marublade

    Breaking down SVT members appeal: SVT is the most perfect group in kpop

    I love analyzing kpop groups To think about WHY a certain member is in the group A good group should be well rounded and all the members should have their own appeal and reason to be in the group without overlapping with any of the others and the larger a group is, the harder it is to make it...
  8. Hakunama_Tata

    Solo Seventeen The8 🐸 Xu Minghao Official Thread

    Stage Name: THE8 (디에잇) Birth Name: Xu Minghao (徐明浩) Korean Name: Seo Myung Ho (서명호) Position: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper Nationality: Chinese Hometown: Anshan, Liaoning, China Birthday: 07 November 1997 Zodiac sign: Scorpio Blood Type: O Height: 179 cm (5’10.5″) SVT Sub-Unit...
  9. quinby

    Can't believe I slept on this masterpiece

    I ignored this for 7 months. Shame on me. The camerawork? The choreography? The song? The whole vibe? Show stopping, spectacular, never the same, etc. It's so good. :pepecry1:
  10. LeeHoseok

    Performance SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 'Rock with you' Band Live Session

    @Carat This is EVERYTHING! :pandahappy:
  11. litc

    Intro Hi peeps, new multi in town

    Hi everyone! Most of you probably don't know me, but some might from akp or hc, where I have the same username. Most peeps call me lit or litc (I prefer lit), but I'm down for a new nickname too:maheart: The song that got me into kpop was Exo's monster I actually did get into kpop for...
  12. Abeamus

    News Seventeen postpones promotions after staff member tests positive for covid

    Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment. We announce that SEVENTEEN’s promotional activities for their eighth mini album have been postponed. On June 15, SEVENTEEN was filming as part of their comeback preparations for their eighth mini album. One HYBE staff member and one external staff member...
  13. LoveYooShaSha

    Teaser SEVENTEEN 8th Mini Album ‘Your Choice’ • Moments Of Falling In Love

    SEVENTEEN 8th Mini Album ‘Your Choice’ Moments Of Falling In Love @Carat
  14. LoveYooShaSha

    SEVENTEEN Perform 'Pinwheel' TRAUMA, and 'Lilili Yabbay' | In My Room • Rolling Stone Magazine

    SEVENTEEN Perform 'Pinwheel' TRAUMA, and 'Lilili Yabbay' | In My Room • Rolling Stone Magazine @Carat