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  1. Sweettooth_Sails

    uran and I should be shipped maybe?

    Unless he doesn't love me anymore :jisoosmh: just an idea though. @uran x puffy
  2. Sweettooth_Sails

    I got my most recent shipment of Japanese Albums

    LiSA - Landspace M-Flo - Square One Shoko Nakagawa - RGB True Color @Tsukino @Yachii @kimsguardian
  3. Kataphract

    [Kataph's Rabbit Holes] Alternative shipping technologies

    INSPIRED BY: did you know that? (music & pollution) by seoriverse haiii I wanted to share what I found regarding Tech used for shipping your precious kpop albums by sea A standard ship right now uses Low-speed two stroke engines to burn Low quality oil. Now what are the improvements that...
  4. bangtrash

    What kpop ship(s) do you have mixed feelings about?

    Disclaimer: I’m not shipping anyone Mines: J-sprite (Jhope x sprite) I know it’s a joke but it seems kinda weird to ship a living person and non living object (ik i sound ridiculous and not fun). SeulRene (Seulgi x Irene) The mv for Monster made me think they’re actually a couple (my baby...
  5. FaceMcShooty

    What's your fav oldschool YouTube shipping song?

    Mine is this one: :llama_laugh:
  6. jessiejaeun

    Fastest ways to get Kpop goods?

    There are soooooooooooooooo many kpop goods that we could only get in South Korea. Have been doing some research about ways to get these goods overseas. Check out the video attached! Apparently they provide fastest and cheapest way to get these goods all around the world! Check out their...
  7. dooh

    Appreciation yes i am one of those shippers

    jimin x jeongyeon, but thats not my fault, they are made for each other !! look at them both, perfect :pandasad::pandalove::pandalove: dont hate me :pandabeg::pandabeg: i need them jimin x jeongyeon beef vids
  8. NeoSquare

    I have to confess something...

  9. Vikki

    Official Official Shipping Thread

    Welcome to KPopSource Official Shipping Thread. Official Shipped List / Total No Of Likes / Date Of Registration. @Yolks & @Jaehyun / 5 likes + @Jaehyun / 09-11-2018 @Grazil & @Discipline / 10 likes + @Grazil / 09-11-2018 @Jimin & @Jungkook / 5 likes + @Jungkook / 10-11-2018 @Icy68446 &...