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  1. Jewel

    Appreciation They truly have my heart ughhh

    It's so crazy Yeosang has to be prepared. San looking at him like "why you doing that". @Atiny
  2. Clover26

    Should we stop making ships in KPOP? / Devrait-on arrêter de créer des "ships" dans la KPOP?

    Hi everyone! / Salut à tous! I would like to know what you think about this subject and what are the limits you give yourself if there is any. I want to make a video or at least a blog about that. J'aimerais avoir votre avis sur cette question et quelles sont les limites que vous vous imposez...
  3. maruberry

    I just found out ppl ship IZ*ONE and Treasure....

    This is a rabbithole I did not need to go down.... Asahi x Hitomi <---- this one seems to be esp. popular..... for some damn reason. Mashiho x Nako Wonyoung x Haruto etc etc.... WHY WHY WHY WHY
  4. maruberry

    Ships that you are sure are into BDSM [18+]

    We all know Hyuna is domming E'dawn, but which ships are also into that shiz? There is also ChanSoo the ultimate BDSM ship! You just know that Kyungsoo is giving Chanyeol good asswhoopings on the regular!
  5. QueenB

    Favorite ships

    As in friendships! Chen and Chanyeol are probably my favorite pair. Their moments on ladder are so cute and funny Also, Dowoo the softest boys
  6. Belgizen

    Announcement Raising likes for ships

    Hi forum peepz Me again, to announce that due to the overwhelming support and positivity, we will be raising the likes needed for ships from 5 to 10. Already existing ships will stay. Greetz, your community manager :llama_uwu: