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show! music core

  1. Jewel

    Video Follow KAI signature dance! l Show! Music Core Ep 801 [ENG SUB]

    I think this man is climbing up my bias list. He's certainly getting the spotlight lately. He's so damn adorable and the enthusiasm he has with his song and choreo is so cute! @Exo-L
  2. RandAlThor

    Fans are teasing Red Velvet

    Uninee they do not do it like that any more is i belive teh thisle [레드벨벳] 언니들... 이제 음중 인사 그거 아니야... (태티서, 정우) lol the old ending is hard wired :)
  3. Abeamus

    News BTS gets 1st win for "Permission To Dance" on Show! Music Core

    On the July 17 episode of “Music Core,” BTS‘s “Permission to Dance,” MSG Wannabe’s “Foolish Love,” and aespa‘s “Next Level” were candidates for first place. BTS took home the win with 7,310 points, making this their first win for “Permission to Dance.” Source
  4. eclipsoul

    News IU gets her 3rd win for "Love poem" on Music Core

  5. LeeHoseok

    MBC just doesn't seem to care about streaming

    It's Saturday, which means Music Core, and usually MBC livestreams on their MBCKpop channel. However, today instead of an actual livestream, all anyone saw was this: That screenshot was taken at 1:36am, while Taemin was performing (I was watching a different stream at that point). And...