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  1. maruberry

    Discussion Anybody want a new signature, I'm bored again...

    I've done this a lot already, you all know the drill...
  2. maruberry

    Appreciation What do y'all think of my new DP & Sig

    I couldn't resist it.
  3. maruberry

    Discussion Does anybody want a new sig?

    Does anybody want themselves a new sig from yours truly? I'm bored and feel like making some, but I made my current one only yesterday.... I'll prolly make lik 1 or 2... maybe 3 max... here be some samples of my work!
  4. maruberry

    Discussion Rate my new sig!

    Do y'all like it?
  5. maruberry

    Discussion Does anybody want a sig?

    I'm bored and want to make sigs... only I really like my current one so I thought I would make some for others! If you want one just tell me which idol you want and preferably give me the picture aswell! First come first serve though... Here be some examples of my work!
  6. maruberry

    Appreciation Rate my sig and DP

    Do y'all like 'em? Kinda proud of the sig, even though it's not that complicated!
  7. maruberry

    Discussion I need sig ideas!

    I need help thinking of what to put in my sig! Should it be Woozi or Kai or somebody else? Should It be a gif or a picture or an edited pretty sig or what? Or maybe a video? What pictures... I'm not asking for definite answers, just some ideas or things that could spark my interest!
  8. NeoSquare

    GFX Belgi's ⭐ DP and sig thread ⭐

    UNDER CONSTRUCTION Need a new sig? A new dp? But you and your computer have a love-hate relationship? No fear! I'll save you! For free (just pay me with your soul :devilish:)