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  1. Exi

    Traded StrayKids Changbin Legendary AUCTION

    I decided to host a card auction for this card since a lot of people are interested in it. This auction will last for a month ( It'll end on August 2 @ 11 AM EST) Rules Any card you bid( card you want to trade for changbin) must be a card you own. You may bid as many times as you'd like...
  2. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Felix - vampire or Benjamin Button?

    This is some sorcerer stuff, folks. He looks like a baby, this boy is ain't real. :ChaeNo: @Stay what do you think? :dubuthink: Credits on the pictures.
  3. ed

    comment and i'll give you a stray kids member

    insp from @Reverie and @Soogi based on how you act or who i think your bias would be :sanapray:
  4. Reverie

    Teaser Stray Kids "ODDINARY" Main Trailer

  5. ed

    #ThanksgivingWithStrayKids - Part 2

    I HAVE MOREE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *all seated at the dinner table* Hyunjin: Hey babe, can you pass me the salt? *Changbin, Felix, and Seungmin reach for the salt* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jisung: On a scale from 1-10, you're a 9 and I'm the one you need. Bangchan: Stop flirting and eat your foo-...
  6. ed


    *Seungmin making hot chocolate for Bangchan and adds salt in it* Seungmin: here you go! Bangchan: Thank you! *Takes a sip* *Staring closely at Chan* *Bangchan finishes it* Seungmin: Doesn't it taste bad? Bangchan: It does but I didn't want to hurt your feelings Seungmin: Okay *starts...
  7. Reverie


    I used to be an OT8 @Stay (with Felix as my bias) but now Felix has done something that has shook me so much:pandaannoyed: I’ve decided that I don’t want to Stan him any more. Just the other 7, as I just found out Felix is a stealer 🤢 Here is a detailed explanation on what Felix stole that made...
  8. Han_Chin


    < GOOD NEWS > We have a OFFICIAL AUSSIE LINE SO for starters Kpop - Is a shorter way of saying Korean Pop (#KWAVE # KHALLYU) I'm so happy seeing the AUSSIE LINE BECOME MORE OFFICIAL -SO FROM OLDER TO NEWEST AUSSIE LINERS- SO FIRST RUNNER UP KEVIN KIM - ZE:A Stage Name: Kevin Birth...
  9. Han_Chin

    News CLIO Under Fire For Excluding Stray Kids’ Hyunjin In “All Member” Photo Card Set—Deletes Post

    CLIO stated that it was “All Stray Kids Members.” 4hours ago Back in February, after a significant amount of alleged bullying in the K-Pop world, CLIO...
  10. ed

    Appreciation Ranking Stray Kids Title Tracks

    This is my ranking of Stray Kids' title tracks. I had been thinking of doing this for a while so here I am now. Feel free to reply with your own rankings of these songs :D This was really hard because I love every single one of these songs and It was so hard to rank them in their own places. 1...
  11. Taehyun

    Photo [Stray Kids ONLINE FANMEETING] Stray Kids 1ST #LoveSTAY 'SKZ-X'

    are they investigating how they took my heart???
  12. Darkseid

    Performance NCT X Stray Kids X Monsta X special stage (KBS Daechukje)

    It's just the rap line of all 3 groups but a pleasant surprise :nakypog: Would've preferred them performing with each other and a longer stage but all groups have pre recorded separately due to current circumstances, so understandable :maheart: @NCTzen @Stay @Monbebe
  13. Darkseid

    Found Stray Kids Changbin for trade.

    Another boy group card in my collection that needs to go but I hope there are takers this time since I see a fair bit of SKZ enthusiasts here :yolk: I'm looking for any of: 1. Itzy cards except Yeji 2. Twice except Jeongyeon 3. Any Loona card 4. IZ*ONE- Yujin, Yena or Eunbi preferably 5...
  14. maruberry

    Chan speaks about why Woojin left Stray Kids

    From what he is saying it sounds like Woojin broke some rules. He made decisions that ended up with major consequences.
  15. maruberry

    NCT Dream to Stray Kids

    This is way too accurate tbh! Those 2 groups together have enough members born in 2000, to make a whole seperate 2000-liner group! But We have never seen them interact... This must be the reason!
  16. Yili

    Group [OFFICIAL] 🏃 We're On That Runner's High 🏃 - 🐓 Stray Kids 3RACHA Thread 🐓

    DISCOGRAPHY Soundcloud Credits