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  1. Yuzuru

    Chart Stray Kids, NewJeans, ENHYPEN, ATEEZ, NMIXX, BTS, TXT, And More Sweep Top Spots On Billboard’s World Albums Chart

    @Stay @Bunnies @Engene @Atiny @ARMY @Moa @NSWER @Neverland @Fearnot @Hunnies Congratulations to all groups!
  2. Boyo

    Appreciation Hyunjin is unreal again

    :sakUwu: He looks like a dream. My dream for sure. :mork: @Stay
  3. Boyo

    News Stray Kids Felix covers GQ Korea 2023 'Men Of The Year' issue

    GQ KOREA revealed its 2023 MEN OF THE YEAR on November 15, and Stray Kids' Felix is the only kpop idol on the cover of its upcoming December issue. "Through MEN OF THE YEAR and WOMEN OF THE YEAR, GQ KOREA acknowledges renowned and impactful people from different fields for their creative and...
  4. Boyo

    Photo Hyunjin is so fine - it hurts my kokoro

    :sakUwu: @Stay
  5. Boyo

    Appreciation Hyunjin says stop the deluluness!

    He is so real. Listen to him! :haylul: @Stay
  6. Yuzuru

    Chart Stray Kids Becomes 2nd K-Pop Artist In Billboard 200 History To Spend 11 Consecutive Weeks In Top 80

    @Stay This is lit. Stray Kids's killing it.
  7. Boyo

    Appreciation Hyunjin the food lover

    He is so cute and happy when it’s food time :nekolove:
  8. Jewel

    Video Stray Kids Play "I Dare You" | Teen Vogue

  9. Boyo

    Appreciation Cute Stray Catz

    I like cute everything today, so here comes Han & Felix :pikahappy: @Stay
  10. Boyo

    Appreciation S-Class chicken style ft. Felix

    :letitfry::thumbs_up: @Stay
  11. Boyo

    Appreciation Han being the supportive person he is

    :sanapray: Bless him. @Stay
  12. Boyo

    Appreciation Felix with ponytail

    He looks perfect :pikahappy: @Stay do you like this hairstyle?
  13. Boyo

    Appreciation This is basically me...

    ... when I eat something good. :yoogasm::taeyeonlove: He is so cute.
  14. Boyo

    Appreciation Felix is so cute

    Felix got a close up on the screen and fans were in awe, so he looked up what’s going on and when he saw himself on the screen, he tried to act cool and not showing how happy he is cuz the fans’ reaction, but he failed hard. :lisalaugh: @Stay
  15. Boyo

    Chart Stray Kids' "Red Lights" is the 1st b-side by a JYPE artist to hit 100 million streams on Spotify

    "Red Lights" from Stray Kids hits 100 million streams on Spotify. It's a b-side track from their album "NOEASY," which was released on August 23, 2021. This sets a record within JYP Entertainment cuz it's the first time a b-side track from their artists has garnered 100 million streams. Come...
  16. Boyo

    Appreciation I’m totally in love

    with this hair style :kittylove: They look sooo good. @Stay
  17. Boyo

    Appreciation Beauty and grace

    Who else? :jenniecry::excitedcat::momolove::pikahappy: @Stay
  18. Boyo

    Appreciation Lemme just look at them

    And smile. They are so cute :pepecry1::pikahappy: