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sm ent

  1. PrideInBaek

    News This is SM Entertainment.

    I think this is the first time that they've openly stated that they've partnered up with 10 law firms in order to protect their artists. Makes me hope that the reason they didn't say anything about PCY's case even though it was false was because they're taking the person to court :sanapray:
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    Performance Shotaro (NCT) TikTok Compilation

    The hip thrusting in the second clip :sj_weary: @NCTzen
  3. maruberry

    SM announces EXO is 9 members [aka F**K exolab][This be a rant btw]

    SM really got sick of the anti's didn't they... They arent usually this blunt about it but like, they just got DONE with the shit. I mean EXO fucking lab got the announcement they were fucking waiting for and now they are "taking a break" bcs "EXO is gonna be focusing more on solo and unit...
  4. Haolat

    News SM Entertainment Is planning its own Cryptocurrency - Coin desk

    SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s top-three pop talent agencies, is planning to build its own blockchain network with a native cryptocurrency as it battles a shareholder revolt and a falling stock price. Joo Sang-sik, director of the company’s technology arm, CT-AI Labs, made the announcement at...
  5. Haolat

    S.M. has been producing the same type of songs for 20 years

    So I have seen that statement a lot of times. And I wonder why people think they have been producing the same thing for 20 years when most of the songs are not even produced at SM. What do you think about this from your own perspective? ❓
  6. Haolat

    News [Breaking News] Vivi and Toben are dating

    scroll to see more
  7. maruberry

    News SM trainees attended EXplOration is seoul

    7 trainees this time instead of the 10 last time. Last time there were some little ones aswell though, so maybe they idn't send the potential next dreamies this time?
  8. maruberry

    Rumor The leaks and rumors are stong at SM today! [NCT DREAM leak?]

    I've got not idea if this is legit or not... But besides that... COOL!
  9. Belgizen

    Rumor Y'all might wanna sit down for this

    I got some exciting news coming one of my insiders, who predicted some army enlistment stuff, NCT's tours etc spoke [/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER] I wanted to share this cuz I know y'all waited for this and the tea thread wouldn't spread it out here NGG is coming as well...
  10. maruberry

    I am a bit scared of how many new members NCT might get in 2020...

    I just saw this... And I will admit, I am scared! So this is I think trainees going to the Suju concert... When xiaohenyang were rookies there were six others with them at a concert... By the time 127 had their first concert there were around 9 attending and now at Suju's concert it is already...
  11. maruberry

    Appreciation SM loves Soyeon

    This will be her 2nd song with SM artists... She is so popular among idols it is just nuts! But the girl deserves it, she is so damn talented! And not to mention hot, just look at her!
  12. Discipline

    The real issue about NCT

    Unlike the popular complaint against NCT, which is the 'unlimited' concept, the real issue resides in the communication between the marketer and consumer, which in this case, is SM and the fans. The 'concept' of NCT had received mixed reactions, some fans loving it for the uniqueness (Or simply...