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  1. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation ExoLs we have our official crest.

    So many are shitting on it but I like it :lovelycooky:
  2. Ashla_K

    What happened to SMNGG?

    What happened to SMNGG? There was a lot of buzz around them and even a rumored lineup was discussed on several forums but they still nowhere to be seen... Did SME change their plans? Trainees aren't ready yet? Is because of RV? :susPepe:
  3. VillageIdiot

    News Why "Boycott YG" Is A Joke

    SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man under fire for 'suspicious internal transactions' SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man is currently under fire for 'suspicious internal transactions.' On May 29, reports alleged Lee Soo Man holds 100% of the stock in a ghost company 'Like Plan'. The SM...
  4. WhiteWadeWilson

    (24hrs POLL) RD1: SM BG Visual of ALL TIME!!!

    Who is the top visual of these visuals in SM history? Winner will go to face the top visuals from YG, JYP, and BH later on!!! YG Poll: (24hrs POLL)RD 2: YG BG Visual of ALL TIME! - KPopSource - The Only KPOP Hub That Matters JYP poll: (24hrs POLL) JYP BG Visual of ALL TIME! - KPopSource - The...