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  1. Ghostface

    Goin' to the old mans for the night

    He is making a thai red curry for dinner yum yum! Plus I get to see the little ones Mia and Harry! <3 I am glad he asked. Really nice of him.
  2. LeeriaYa

    What is the first thing you want to do when COVID is controlled?

    Hello, Hai, Hai I’m on isolation till the 9th, and after catching Covid and being along with my thoughts so much. What are your plans when it becomes more controlled? When we can go back to a semi normal environment considering masks will possibly always be a thing. I think the first thing I...
  3. Wicked

    What are some of your guy's favorite hobbies?

    Sometimes I think all we really know of each other is shit like "o it's that jimin stan." and stuff. :icgyu: So, let's just have a fun thread where we list stuff we like or something and get to know each other more. Maybe y'all will learn something new about someone here. I'll start. I love...
  4. Yili

    Least favorite social media platform?

    I think I'll sound old when I say I don't like TikTok but I also don't like Facebook (except my family and friends are on there so I don't want to deactivate it) So I'm solidly in the middle of not being too old but also not being young :nekosweat: Twitter isn't great either but at least it's...
  5. Ghostface

    Been doing the dance a lot (social distancing)

    Which is why I try to see it in a positive light with dancing, rather than being paranoid like hundreds of other people lol. Dancing around people just to shop though, what a world we live in 2020. I hope the months to come is more dancing and more positive reflection. Rather than being a fruit...