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  1. Emanresu

    Appreciation My Mother Doesn't Like Sohye

    My Mother Doesn't Like Sohye So I was visiting my mother the other weekend. And we were watching kdramas together. Well she was watching a show with Sohye in it, Best Chicken. Anyways I was like "Oh Mother! How do you like the female lead? Isn't she great?" She gave me a "Eh....."...
  2. Mangoey

    ✭ [OFFICIAL] IOI Badge Revamp Thread // Results ✭

    ✭ OFFICIAL IOI BADGE REVAMP THREAD ✭ R U L E S ✭ Badges must be 77 x 77, if they aren't, then please resize them ✭ Official Photos ONLY ✭ Post your Sources ✭ Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ✭ Must be high quality. If they are not, the awards...
  3. lexus

    News I.O.I members have been confirmed to be discussing a reunion

    "On June 28, reports emerged that I.O.I was gearing up for a reunion. A source related to the group responded by stating, “It’s true that a reunion is in the works, but no details have been decided. We’re currently in talks over scheduling and we will share news on this soon.” This response is...
  4. Emanresu

    Appreciation I've Decided Kim Sohye Is Legit Top 10 Best Things

    I've Decided Kim Sohye Is Legit Top 10 Best Things Kim Sohye is wonderful. I think she may be in the top 10 greatest things in the world. Up there with Seolhyun, Pokemon, Cheerios, and Tzuyu. When she puts on the Cartoon Puppy ears thousands of fanboys died. I somehow managed to skate by...
  5. Mangoey

    ♡ IOI Badge Thread || Results ♡

    Please read before you make badges: HOW TO MAKE BADGES RULES ♡Badge size should be 77x77 ♡No blurry or grainy photos; please use high quality and easy to see photos. ♡Only official photos are allowed. Selcas are accepted if they are from an official account. ♡ Side profiles or covered faces...