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solo debut

  1. Yuzuru

    News AB6IX’s Park Woo Jin Drops 1st Concept Photos For Solo Debut With “oWn” @ABNEW
  2. Jewel

    Comeback Super Junior's Yesung solo studio album 'Sensory Flows'

    Ngl, proud of him. He's my SUJU bias. And is it just me or is there a little resemblance between Yesung and Haechan? @ELF
  3. la_mort_pour_vous

    New MV D.O. 디오 'Rose' MV.

  4. LeeHoseok

    Teaser I.M (MONSTA X) - 'GOD DAMN' MV Teaser

    God Damn indeed! :yes: @Monbebe
  5. LeeHoseok

    Debut I.M (MONSTA X) | Solo Debut Mini Album 'DUALITY' | February 19th

  6. LeeHoseok

    News MONSTA X's I.M to release debut solo digital album, 'Duality' on Feb. 19th

    That title, perfection. Can't wait for Changkyun to wreck us all. :yes:
  7. maruberry

    Kai's debut song "Mmmh" title is scaring me

    His debut song is titled "Mmmh" I'm scared They are saying it's a "straightforward love song" and that straightforward part scares me THIS SONG SCARES ME!!!! FUCK IF HE MOANS THAT MMMH I AM ACTUALLY GOING TO QUIT!!! Straightforward??? ARE THEY WARNING US THAT IT'S GONNA BE ABOUT SEX???? I...
  8. JakeyWantsCakey

    Teaser KAI 카이 '开' Mood Sampler

  9. JakeyWantsCakey

    News AKMU's Suhyun opens up about possibly renewing contract with YG Entertainment

    AKMU's Suhyun opened up about possibly renewing her contract with YG Entertainment. In an interview for her solo single "Alien", Suhyun talked about the new track, saying, "After thinking about how I want to release a solo song, I went through production with a lot of thought. During that time...
  10. JakeyWantsCakey


    Can't believe no one posted this already! @Akmu
  11. Saythename17

    Teaser YooA 'Bon Voyage' New Teasers #2

  12. Darkseid

    Teaser YooA (Oh My Girl)- Bon Voyage Opening Trailer (Solo debut)

    Really intrigued by the supernatural/fantasy vibes this gives off :nakypog: Who knows why YooA's BMW stopped in the middle of nowhere and a giant wolf appeared but let's find out on September 7th :pepeheart: Also she looks so good, that orange hair, those cute freckles :sj_weary: Anticipate...
  13. eclipsoul

    Teaser Ryu Sujeong - Tiger Eyes MV Teaser

  14. eclipsoul

    MV Solar 'Spit It Out'

  15. PrideInBaek

    Photo Baekhyun x Dispatch