1. marublade

    BG songs you would like to hear sung by a GG (and vice versa)

    I think the title says it the best! Which songs would you love to hear the female version of and which songs would you love a male version for! For me.... SVT's Fast Pace, it would slay as a female sexy concept!
  2. marublade

    If you could delete one song from your ult group from existence.... which one?

    Like the title says! and I mean delete it TOTALLY from existence as in it never existed. Nobody remembers it ever existed, any and all physical copies of it will not be there any more etc it just. never. happened So you have this power to unleash upon ONE song from your ult group! WHICH ONE...
  3. Saythename17

    Are You A Barbie Movie Fan? Name Your Favourite Songs

    Are You A Barbie Movie Fan? If yes, which Barbie movie songs are your favourites? Here are mine:
  4. marublade

    Songs that have surprised me this year

    MCND's Ice Age and Nature's Girls REALLY surprised me this year. With both groups I.... didn't really know much about them besides the fact that they existed. I had heard songs from the before, but they had left no impression on me at all... and then... out of NOWHERE I got hit with Ice age...
  5. marublade

    Appreciation Comment and I will give you a B-side I love

    Like the title says, comment and I will give you a B-side! :pikahappy: Comment away juseyo :pikahappy: Also Zabraks @Darth_berries @Darth_Lixo @Darth_Bitzy @Darth_Ozy @Darth_17
  6. marublade

    Appreciation What is your favourite song with comforting lyrics/vibes

    I love songs that are really comforting. They just give off such feelings of warmth and I love it so much! My favourites for this would be SVT's Hug and WayV's face to face Both imo are the perfect songs to listen to when you feel like you need some love in your life. Here are some lyrics...
  7. marublade

    Appreciation Maruif exposes her most listened kpop songs [It's not what y'all expect]

    If I count out the not kpop songs (there was only like 1 lmao)... these are my top ones from the past 6 months: There are some predictable ones like EXO songs... which I mean... duh But here are some surprising songs in my top 20: Suga's interlude by Halsey and Suga (not really kpop, but meh I...
  8. marublade

    Try to guess my favourite Twice songs!

    Sooo like the title says! I have 2 favourite Twice songs, so try to guess 'em! 1 is a title track (I think... I mean it's got an MV AND was promoted, so it MUST be!) Another one is a B-side and it should be REALLY damn obvious which one..... like... SO obvious. So I'm only gonna give clues to...
  9. marublade

    48/46 group songs kpop fans would like

    So I thought I should make this thread to introduce some songs that kpop fans might like! I don't know Nogizaka and Hinatazaka as well as I know the 48 groups and Keyakizaka, but I still have some songs I thought ppl would like! if you are looking to get more into pop groups though...
  10. marublade

    Appreciation Comment and I will give you a Keyakizaka46 song!

    Not even asking y'all to gimme songs in exchange! Just comment and I'll give ya a Keyaki song I think you might like!
  11. marublade

    Comment a gg song and I will give you a bg song back

    Comment a GG song you like and I will give you a similar bg song back. It ain't that difficult.
  12. marublade

    Appreciation Yixing is an amazing producer

    There are EXO songs.... that are produced by Yixing, that don't have his name on them. THINK about that fact. EXO songs by Yixing that we don't know are by him. EXO songs we regularly bop to without knowing they are his. Stan Yixing, Stan talent.
  13. marublade

    Appreciation I adore sad songs

    Well these aren't all sad songs... but they all have quite a sad or nostalgic vibe. this be my most played playlist. It's amazing. You should all check it out!
  14. marublade

    Comment a song and I will rate it

    Comment a song and I will at least rate it out of 10 and if I feel like it will also tell my thoughts on it! While you are at it though, listen to EXO's machine! Issa bop!
  15. marublade

    Describe yourself with kpop songs/MVs!

    I'm gonna start this one! You can use as many songs as you like!
  16. marublade

    Tell me a number from 1-100 and I will give you a song from...

    ...A song from my spotify 2019 playlist made of the songs I have listened to the most in 2019! There are a few non-kpop songs in there, but they are few and far between! PS: It goes that 1 is my most listened to song and then it goes down to like what I have listened to less.
  17. marublade

    Appreciation I can't get these 2 songs out of my head

    I've had Keyakizaka's 2018 tour on loop for like a week now and these 2 songs... I just can't get over them! No to mention the way Techi looks so etherial in Mou Mori e Kaerou Ka... and Kimi ga Inai is just such a good song!
  18. Soleski

    Post the song you are obsessed with

    in other words, stan Raon Lee (not like its her song :zoomeyes: but still) Post yours, I am trying to find some new songs :sakUwu:
  19. marublade

    Challenge my knowledge of EXO discography

    So, i took a test of how many EXO songs I can name from the top of my head! I got 76! Sure there were a fair few songs that I didn't get that I very clearly knew, but when you are having to remember them on the spot it's quite tricky! I dare you all to go and try beat this score! I'm gonna go...
  20. marublade

    Comment and I'll give you a song that I think fits you

    Comment and I'll give you a song that you remind me of or that just comes into my mind when thinking about you! I'll try to keep it mostly to kpop, but I might stray every now and again!