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  1. yeji

    Appreciation OMG 100K LIKE [thank youuu guys; lob you all]

    this is so amazing omg. thank you all and thank you @NASA for being the special one :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: you all are truly amazing and just the best. [and thanks @bulletproof too :nekolove::sanapray:]
  2. yeji

    Appreciation why I love downton abbey [25 Reasons]

    I just watched the whole series with my mother ( I am visitng them so I won't be alone during the covid-19 days) so I got a lot of thoughts about this brilliant series. Down bellow are a list of reasons why I love the show The humor that plays a huge part despite the show also being dramatic...
  3. yeji

    Appreciation fave western song of 2020

    Just some 2020 songs I have been enjoying Lauren Jauregui - Lento Demi Lovato - I love Me The Pussycat Dolls - React Trixie Mattel - Malibu Olivia O'Brien - Josslyn Loïc Nottet - Heartbreaker Matilda Mann - The Fucking Best Tove Lo - Bikini Porn [ @NASA :jenniesmug: ] Halsey -...
  4. yeji

    Overall Fave KPOP Songs of 2020 [Top 10]

    so far I have come up with this list: Apink - Dumhdurum iKON - Dive iz*one - Fiesta (G)I-DOL - Oh My God Cherry Bullet - Hands Up Loona - So What Everglow - dun dun Gfriend - Crossroads Dreamcatcher - Scream Dream Note - Wish It's basically just gg's with iKON but it is what it is :wimwim...
  5. yeji

    Appreciation comment and I tell you what I love about you

    like the title said: comment anything and I will tell you what I love about you :nekolove: :nekolove: :nekolove: :sanapray:
  6. yeji

    Appreciation OMG 25K Messages

    yes I am now at 25K messages. I honestly don‘t even know how I reached that but damn. Anyway I love you all :nekolove::nekolove::nekolove: and special messages to @Azukiiro tty to reach me :haylul:
  7. yeji

    MV Demi Lovato - I love me [why did non of you talk about this bop?]

    This is such a heartfelt bop and it's so relatabe in so many levels. I love Demi and this just proves why she always was my fave one of the Disney girls.
  8. yeji


    I am so excited omg. I was searching for ages. I accidently deleted it and was looking for this one a ton. So happy to have it my collection again and be aware. I might use it when an opportunity comes.
  9. yeji

    MV Lady Gaga is the QUEEN [Stupid Love BOP BOP BOP]

    I just love everything about this and her and damn why am I suddenly so into her again
  10. yeji

    tarot - yay or nay

    What's your opinion on tarot? I personally have moods where I am super invested in it, when there is like a pull to do my own readings. then there are times I basically forget I own a deck.
  11. yeji

    An idol you relate to?

    I really can relate to iKON's Junhoe and Bobby. Junhoe is like me an ENFP and we both are full of chaos and can be super noisy :haylul:. Especcially when I am comfy with the people around me, I never shut up. Bobby on the other hand is relateable to me cause I tend to be shy when I don't know...
  12. yeji

    songs from your ults that you don‘t like

    Yes today‘s topic is like stated above : songs from your ults you don’t enjoy. for me a good example for this would be KARD‘s Ride On The Wind. It‘s just terrible and I like to forget it exists. It‘s just so meh
  13. yeji

    Appreciation why I am really loving Cherry Bullets 'Hands Up'

    my second gen loving self has been addicted to the song. it really gives me those old gen feels and to add it also reminds me of classic kpop songs like Shinwha's T.O.P. I also enjoy the dance so much. It's a cool one. It also looks like the girls are having a ton of fun performing this song...
  14. yeji

    Jen's current girl group top songs

    This ain't something it's all my own opinion. feel free to add your own lists here too. I will at first list my top 5 gg titels of 2020 so far and then list my top 5 bsides of 2020 so far. TOP 5 GG TITLES Cherry Bullet - Hands Up Loona - So What Everglow - dun dun GFRIEND - Crossroads...
  15. yeji

    please don‘t let me die

    I am soon on my way to cologne and the storm has been too crazy since yesterday. The transportation hopefully will work out in my favor too.
  16. yeji

    I slowly am getting way too excited

    can't believe the 11th is almost here..... I will be soon at the Jonas Brothers concert and I am getting so hyped now already. Listening to some old bops and the new album really makes me pumped now. I just hope this one will be a great experience. I also am looking forward to see Nick...
  17. yeji

    Comeback Trixie Mattel's "Barbara" finally is out

    stan the queen Trixie Mattel and her cool music style
  18. yeji

    Going back to my ikonic roots :aNodNod:

    :sanapray::sanapray::sanapray: not only did I feel like changing my username to rep iKON, I also just know felt like using one of my first dp's that I used on KS. If you didn't know I had various iKON dp's when I joined and this one especcially was kept since then in my storage of dp's. stan...
  19. yeji

    Teaser Sechskies "All for you" MV Teaser

  20. yeji

    Songs you can't stop listening to?

    I have been super obsessed with a couple songs (besides Halsey's new album) This one is so fun and I honestly replayed it today 20 times already Another Tove Lo song I am obsessed with... I say Hi, You say Hi, We Stay High, You look so pretty yeah I also have been listening a lot to...