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stan day6 for clear skin

  1. daesuki

    Fanfiction Ikebana | A DAY6 Hanahaki series

    (banner a work in progress) If someone deeply loves someone else platonically or romantically, and the love isn't replicated, or they think it isn't, they will acquire hanahaki disease. Flowers will start to encase the heart and esophagus, causing the afflicted to throw up flower petals. There...
  2. Mayday

    What's your face routine?

    I usually use Dove's complexion soap bar at least twice a week, as if I wash my face more than two to three times a week I break out pretty badly. After every other shower, I use Freeman face masks. For anyone that has bad skin, I reccomend trying them out. The one that I currently use is the...
  3. Mayday

    MV Todays repeat

    The music video really potrays a good meaning, and the song is a bop as well. I reccomend checking this out if you haven't already! Stan The Rose ya'll. And to think that he's a rookie...:nekosweat: