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stan day6

  1. daesuki

    Fanfiction Ikebana | A DAY6 Hanahaki series

    (banner a work in progress) If someone deeply loves someone else platonically or romantically, and the love isn't replicated, or they think it isn't, they will acquire hanahaki disease. Flowers will start to encase the heart and esophagus, causing the afflicted to throw up flower petals. There...
  2. daesuki

    Do you have any songs you used to dislike but now like

    For me, as @potato knows, Dance Dance by Day6. I said but honestly I didn't add it to my playlist because I didn't really like it haha (and I forgot but shhh) But now it's on my playlist, and I play it like at least twice a day I love it.
  3. Mayday

    MV DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" Trending #38 in the U.S

    DAY6 "Time of Our Life(한 페이지가 될 수 있게)" Trending #38 in the U.S just 17 hours after it's release.
  4. Soleski

    1 title track 1 bside

    Which 1 title track and 1 bside you would show to a nonfan who never heard a song from your bias group? Day6: share yours :pikahappy:
  5. Mayday

    Worst Visual era for your bias?

    Wendy has just been wronged so many times, it's upsetting. Joy still looked amazing in Russian Roulette, but they definitely could have chosen better hair. (Letting Go) Young K's coconut hair was not it. Thankfully he didn't perform with it
  6. Mayday

    I'm not Maya

    I'm not Maya I know a lot of people may get confused. Or they may think that I said things that I did not. But I'm not @maya2003s I'm not Maya. I'm Mayah. With an H. H H H Mayah The end.
  7. Mayday

    Signature Thread

    Feel free to use this thread to post images for your signature to c/p.