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stan iz*one

  1. izcream

    comment your recently used emojis and i'll make assumptions about you

    heres mine : feel free to make assumptions of me if you want :pandatea:
  2. izcream

    Appreciation jang wonyoung being a baby

  3. RandAlThor

    Appreciation 2 Kim and Won Rabbit

    here to kill us with cute and pretty. no topic except maybe brown sugar bubble tea and summer watermelon eating :) Enjoy posted it in the idol thread but they are just too cute to not share with y'all
  4. perhapz

    Appreciation A fan who knows how to treat her idol well,

    knows that Hyewon likes to eat and gives her a whole pizza and two pringles before her flight, this, my friends, is true appreciation.
  5. perhapz

    Who would win this battle!?

    Seoyeon (fromis_9) VS Yujin (IZ*ONE) Or do you have another contestant for this showdown? Bring them on! Random Taglist (if you don't want to be tagged in my random threads, just let me know . :>)
  6. perhapz

    Appreciation That moment when there's too many new emojis...

    ...and you have to keep thinking which one to pick, because they're all so cool.
  7. perhapz

    How's your Monday so far?

    Are you one of those people that hate Mondays? I am, to be honest. Hate may be a strong word, I dislike it. I think it's a natural thing tho, I mean, weekend is just over, you have more 5/6 days of work ahead of you until the next weekend, everyone around you is in slow-mode due to the weekend...
  8. perhapz

    Your daily dose of cuteness is here

    uwuzone :pandawatch:
  9. perhapz

    Appreciation Happy Birthday, Miyawaki Sakura! | ● |

    Happy birthday to the Japanese Queen of IZ*One, Saku-chan! :pandalove: @Ireneisbaee @Tir @Ozymandias @AnotherKpopTrash @Walnutt @JungYoda @RandAlThor @lalaloveloona