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  1. Abeamus

    How to get into more groups?

    Any group I get into nowadays doesn't last long enough for me to be interested in checking out their content enough to stan and now I am down to just Mamamoo and Oh My Girl with Oh My Girls contract negotiations still to go :jisoosmh:
  2. raymondchouku

    Bizarre Reason for Stanning

    Weirdest reason you stan an idol? The reason I took a shine to Namjoon at first was because RM sounds like Cookie Monster... and he sort of looks like an Iguana..
  3. lexus

    Do you put a limit on how many groups you stan?

    I'm curious about what your stances are on stanning. Do you ever feel like stanning more than one group is too much? Or maybe stanning more than 4 or 5? I'm a multifandom and I don't see that changing. There's quite a few groups I've come to love over the years. :maheart: However, lately I've...
  4. maruberry

    What does it take for you to stan a group

    I personally don't stan easily. For me to stan a group, the music is the most importnant. If I don't love most of their music, I am not stanning. Simple as that. Then in some cases I don't stan even if I like the music... For example Infinite and B.A.P! Those are usually old(er) groups and...
  5. maruberry

    ex-ARMYs, do you miss stanning BTS?

    I sometimes do. Especially when one of their old songs comes on in a playlist on spotify... Or when I see an old video I have seen and loved... Or when I see a picture of one of the boys where they look like they did years ago... I Sometimes miss those times. I miss that feeling of love and...