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  1. IsTamaraHere

    Has anyone watched Junji Ito's Collection

    A really astonishing short stories and graphic violence. All in all I was super impressed with the outcome. @kimsguardian @dreamii @K1NG
  2. matteoCFO

    This story I read about is so fake

    I read this thread on some random board about how they were hacking on Roblox and hated this girl on Roblox and he was on one of those boards towards the blackpill culture, he was saying how he hated the girl because he called him ugly and he had crooked teeth on his mic, and that he should go...
  3. GH0ST

    What are your ghost stories?

    I’ll share mine aswell :) I have more I ca’t remember some Story 1. I was in my old house and my old bedroom, for the layout you could see straight to the back windows (my parents room) as my bedroom was in the very front. So one morning, I woke up and saw that there was a shadow figure staring...
  4. maruberry

    The Emo phase was rough for me...

    I am remembering my emo phase and damn... Those were some times! I remember when I was like 11 or 12 listening to shit like this thinking it is the best song ever and has the deepest lyrics, all the while crying my eyes out! I also read stories on wattpad and quotev! All that shit about wolf...
  5. maruberry

    How much do you know about your ancestors? [aka stories from before and after the worldwars]

    Do you know much about them? I think I know quite a lot about mine! My family has been researched back as far as records go in Estonia (Like the 1600s. The ones before that were mostly destroyed) There are many, many more stories that I have heard and remember and a lot of those that I have...