1. QueenB

    What is your favorite era of styling?

    I'm really liking the styling of the boyz comeback so far and wanted to appreciate it and other styling I like~ The Boyz "Chase" era Reason: I've seen people on twitter compare them to outfits you'd see at pride and I find that hilarious. Also, its new and different for them so i'm interested...
  2. marublade

    A concept I want to see dreamcatcher do

    I just had this thought and now... I can't get over it... I need to see them in an Avril Lavigne-esque punk styling... Maybe school outfits with loose ties, Heavy eyeliner, coloured streaks in hair etc... I had this thought rn and I can't stop thinking about it! And not just a stage, I want a...
  3. FaceMcShooty

    Visual sabotage

    Is there a member in your bias group who consistently gets worst hair/styling every comeback? Why does that happen? Is the company trying to neuter some members' good looks? :zoomeyes:
  4. Mayday

    SM, What's up with Red Velvet lately?

    I'm sorry, but I haven't the slightest clue as to why SM isn't actually trying to seem professional here. I have a few points that I'm going to discuss, as they are main points that can really affect Red Velvet as a group, and the fans. Firstly, the outfits. What is going on with Red Velvet's...