1. Baechu

    Official SUGGESTIONS for KPOP groups on future KS graphics

    SUGGESTIONS for KPOP groups on future KS graphics You faves have never appeared on our fancy KS headers and banners? This is your chance to suggest new groups, that we will feature on future KS graphics (This doesn't mean that it will be the next header, but one of the next) We will also...
  2. Tickita

    OnlyOneOf Badge Thread

    TIMETABLE -Suggestion Period: 3/18 - 3/21 - Voting Period: 3/22 - 3/25 RULES ›› Badges must be 77x77 - Official photos only -Covered face/side profile photos are allowed if the idol is easily identifiable ‹‹ -Post your sources along with badges It must be high quality and not blurry. Awards...
  3. FaceMcShooty

    Movie Best Japanese comedies?

    Could you suggest me some good Japanese comedies (movie, not drama)? Old or new, doesn't matter :sanapray:
  4. RainbowDevil

    Official ☽ Event Suggestion Thread ☾

    Hi to anyone reading this! This is our Event Suggestion Thread! ☽ This is where you guys get to pitch and tell us ideas you think would make for good events! 🎉 ☽ If we like the idea you think up we will PM you and talk a bit more about the event and include you in the process of making it...