1. bulletproof

    Teaser Blonde Sunmi teasers for 'LALALAY'

    Is blonde hair a 2019 trend? It seems a lot of idols dyed their hair blonde. What do you think about blonde Sunmi?
  2. Midnight

    Teaser Sunmi REC_CODE Reality Show Trailer

    Please Support Sunmi's new reality show! The episodes will be released every Monday & Thursday with english subtitles. Tune in on August 22nd at 7PM (KST).
  3. bulletproof

    Photo Sunmi's new sexy photoshooting

    :nekosweat: :nekosweat: And yes, the guy is her dancer
  4. Midnight


    COMING SOON Teaser 2019. 08. 27(TUE) 6PM(KST) #선미 #SUNMI #NEW #20190827_6pm #메이크어스엔터테인먼트 #MAKEUSEntertainment I wonder what she has in store for us! :lovelycooky:
  5. Abeamus

    Four Seasons vs Gotta Go vs Noir vs Spring vs Twit

    My favourite would be Spring, sorry Hwasa :sanapray:
  6. somewhatclueless

    Intro Hey, itsa me

    This is gonna be a train wreck so bear with me. I’m somewhatclueless (in a literal and figurative context) and I’ve never been on this site so... -I’m a female (she/her) -I’m a Libra -I’m queer (don’t know what I am specifically but I like girls so...) Uhhh and the groups I stan are: -BTS...
  7. kuro

    soyeon vs sana vs solar vs sowon vs sunmi

    don't ask me, because I love these ladies to death but is it soyeon, the multitalented CUBE rapper? sowon, the gfriend leader? solar, the wacky mamamoo leader? sana, twice's unique girl <3 or sunmi, the famous wg soloist? who is your fav out of these 's' ladies?
  8. kingtae

    Who got the best airport fashion ?

    Hani Sunmi Jennie Momo Taeyeon Yeri Eunha I got my fav :p
  9. kuro

    fav. kpop soloist?

    who's your favorite kpop soloist? it can be anyone, nugu or not :queen::queen::queen: for me: hyuna (obviously) song-wise sunmi tho :llama_eyes: @JungYoda @lalaloveloona @Dopamine a few flops :llama_uwu:
  10. Midnight

    Appreciation God is a woman

    I can't wait for her comeback:llama_BLEED:
  11. amourpinks

    Sunmi mentions bts in an interview!

    " I think it's great that bts is getting appreciation from their seniors, it probably means a lot to them. I saw some people on twitter getting mad at this but it's really not that big of a deal. it is true that bts has made kpop a lot more popular in America, just like other kpop artists made...
  12. joshuaology

    Rumor Female idols who tried to warn us

  13. Rukia

    Rumor Sunmi just told a fan to stream NOIR on her Instagram lol

    She's telling you to stream NOIR!
  14. winwinlucas

    Sunmi 'Noir' vs MiSO 'on n on'

    What song do you prefer Both queens miSO Sunmi
  15. notthatmarbleboy

    The most iconic Sunmi song is...?

  16. Rukia

    Sunmi honey, are you okay? :(

    I hope these are just lyrics to one of her songs. The teasers for her comeback were referencing social media after all.
  17. notthatmarbleboy

    Teaser March 4th will be the death of us

    Let's see if we survive this.
  18. rudelove

    Teaser SUNMI - '1 Like it' Teaser (Noir)

  19. notthatmarbleboy

    Is it possible that Jennie's SOLO is a Sunmi reject?

    I have been having this theory for a while now. It really fits Sunmi's concept, and is a perfect follow-up to Gashina. I am pretty sure that the song was made for Sunmi, then it didn't work out, so they released Heroine instead.