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tag sajaegi

  1. Chahee

    18+ I never noticed that Gundam Wing's opening lyrics...

    Are totally about "sexual intercourse between a man and a woman" I don't know other way of expressing passion with their entire bodies, unless it's about dancing addiction...
  2. Chahee

    The daily rain had ceased and the setting sun still lingered in the western trees.

    That which everywhere is spoken of is not known at home. Seeking spring all day we see it not. The haze rests on the sandal-prints along the ridges of the rice fields. Returning laughingly we pick a blossom of the plum and as we smell it, lo! behold! all the spring is present in the...
  3. Chahee

    What would you own if you were rich?

    I think I'd have a museum. After I saw videos of the Star Trek museum I thought it was so cool. I'd have one about comics, or even kpop or newspapers, idk. I just think it's cool and it's something that serves humanity well.
  4. Chahee

    You can only use this effect of Ebon Illusion Magician once per turn.

    The conquest of prestige generates pride. The humiliation of not conquering prestige provokes wrath. A bean that feels humiliated creates a feeling of anger in the inside, since nobody likes being not prestigious. We may not answer asap nor directly, but, inside the heart, we create anger...
  5. Chahee

    What will make you never leave kpop?

    For me it's the 4k fancams Ig I'm a perv :kijoongstare:
  6. Chahee

    I will try to tell you what he said. These were his words:

    There are the born and the Unborn, the changing and the Unchanging. The Unborn can give birth to the born, the Unchanging can change the changing. The born cannot escape birth, the changing cannot escape change; Therefore birth and change are the norm. Things for which birth and...
  7. Chahee

    The signatures of the four great domains

    The myth of eternal return, which is still basic to Oriental life, displays an order of fixed forms that appear and reappear through all time. I’m colorful and pretty but a little cold yeah. If you’re ordinary, you can’t see who I am. The daily round of the sun, the waning and waxing...
  8. Chahee

    Can’t see the end of this long and empty road...

    While you’re walking that road, I’ll be next to you At the end of your packed day, I’ll be waiting Matching your footsteps At sometime, you’ll pass the steep cliffs And you’ll be able to meet the fragrant wind At times you face pain that almost seems like a lie I won’t let go of your...
  9. Chahee

    World was suffering in darkness, as taste was dying

    Four koreebo mages from the kingdom of Kpopsorceria were chosen by a profecy to save the world from deluluness. They went on an adventure helping the queen @GoldenWishes by saving her daughter from the evil sorcerer Icystic @igloo Back to Kpopsorceria, the queen rebuild a bridge so they...
  10. Chahee

    Now open your eyes! When the power to choose the future awakens

    Fixed the cataract on my left eye, now I don't need glasses anymore :sanapray: : Next year they'll make the surgery on the other one. Stream fever War in
  11. Chahee

    Yugioh Sevens (2020)

    Rush Duel information December 21, 2019 Ness rush duel Gotta go fast. The main concept about Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens is focusing around Rush Duels. But what are Rush Duels, exactly? From the brief Q&A held at the JUMP Festa with the main cast, “Rush Duel” is a new concept created by the protagonist...
  12. Chahee

    We know we are going to feel frustrated at some point

    And we are highly likely to face a problem or task that feels too hard. When we chain the states and link them together, the feeling of ‘it’s too hard’ leaks into feeling really frustrated. And the frustration leaks into impatience, and the impatience leaks into curiosity. Then you...
  13. Chahee

    Appreciation Female idols I would marry

    Jang Gyuri Your smile makes me on fire Elkie Your beauty knows no end Eunha Those legs makes me want to Navillera Haseul You can crash my plane any day Kim Lip Woman Body was created for you to shake it Jinsol Multi-talented and gorgeous Chaekyung You're hot and have a...
  14. Chahee

    I hate it so much...

    When I watch one music show performance expecting to see a certain part, and the camera man screws it 😡 I think I'll go to korea and be a cameraman for free, just so they stop screwing it every time
  15. Chahee

    I have for some time been pondering over a classification of knowledge.

    My scheme is to divide all knowledge in the first place into two grand divisions. 1. Objective—that for which a man is indebted to the external world; and 2. Subjective—that which he has acquired or may acquire by inward contemplation. Metaphysics comes immediately, of course, under the...
  16. Chahee

    Appreciation My top from 2019

    The order is random. CLC - Me Gfriend - You're not alone (G)I-dle - Señorita TXT - Crown Apink - % % Loona - Butterfly Everglow - Bon Bon Chocolat Blackpink - Kill this Love Jenyer - illusion NC.A - Awesome Breeze Weki Meki - Picky Picky Exid - Me&You Lovelyz - Beautiful Days Fromis_9 - FUN Red...
  17. Chahee

    Appreciation Everything is good, everything is fine but...

    Give Elris a chance, the song is nice
  18. Chahee

    Performance [BEST5] Sejeong