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  1. Puddles

    What do you think of ‘Ready For Love’?

    It’s perhaps a bit under the radar, but the long awaited ‘Ready For Love’ (which we saw them recording back in the Netflix documentary), was recently released through PUBG Anyway, what do you think of the song? I absolutely love it. I heard others say it sounds dated, which is fair and I can...
  2. dooh

    Appreciation Jennie IG unboxing BP & Teddy & GD

    Jennie's live IG unboxing ! Wow this 6 min video felt amazing. It feels like family. BP, Teddy oppa, GD etc.. Somehow i feel happy watching this :nekolove: :nekolove: Love it!
  3. amourpinks

    do you like teddy as a producer?

    I personally like his sound but I admit that he can be a little repetitive at times and at times a little simple. thoughts?