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teen top

  1. Abeamus

    Performance SBS Guilty Pleasures Concert

    @Everlasting @Angel @Kiss Me @QUEEN'S
  2. fanysmoon

    Performance Teen Top 'To You' 2020 Version

    the way that even after 10 years they are still vibing hard
  3. RavenHikari

    Appreciation Try Not To Feel Old

    You don't realize old but young teen top is until the moments like this This an article soompi just released C.A.P is the second biggest active sunbae of the list only the maknae line ft island beats. C.A.P is the oldest and leader of Teen Top. This come back promotion period Teen Top is the...
  4. RavenHikari

    Relay Dance...

    But Like Funny Ones: Teen Top - Seoul Night Relay Dance I don't think teen top quite understand how a relay dance is supposed to work :llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh::llama_laugh: Pentagon - Sha La La Relay Dance Also It took at least 4 members to lift baby Wooseok...
  5. RavenHikari

    A Song That Is So Catchy You Overlook ....

    how questionable it is? Before I say anything I love Teen Top and this song sounds good. However, this song and mv has a lot of problems The lyrics are about young guy cheating on his girlfriend with an older female. At the time of the release, July 2011, only 1 of 6 member was 18+ Chunji...