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  1. maruberry

    Appreciation Guess who is amazing at speed-learning!

    I'm proud of myself! I have a really good memory and you would not believe how much easier that makes life. I just had a test in geography... which I forgot to study for. It was about the lakes and rivers of the world! So when we got given like 5 minutes to revise, I pulled up my computer (Fun...
  2. maruberry

    I like math

    This is not a joke or anything like that... I really really like math! I like solving exercises and I like figuring out solutions. At the moment I am even taking 2 online extra courses on math. I'm really happy rn because I just completed the 1st test on one of those online courses. I think I...
  3. Mayday

    What score did you get?

    Try this out! It puts your color cones to the test. Obviously, females will have an advantage, but everyone is free to check it out! What are your scores? Score for the second game:
  4. maruberry

    You say you love me... So answer these questions to prove it!

    I'm doing this again! @blurryface let's see if you can do any better! @Jimimis, my faithful 1st daughter @kuroyuri snakeu, prove your worth @Crackhead my soulmate @Seokjin and @crybaby my wonderful grandbabies
  5. Mayday

    What color are you?

    I got blue. "You are lonely, sad, and a bit edgy", lmao? I'm not sad, lonely, or edgy, but it is what it is ig 😂 Take the quiz here~
  6. kuro

    this theme is BLINDING me

    ooooooooof my EYES I can't do it