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  1. hxtvs

    TV Thai BL (Boys Love) Dramas Recommendations!!

    As we may know their are lots of bl In Thai and everywhere else too but I just wanted to recommend some since I’ve been binge watching for the past 5 months now (no lie) & some I’ve watched a year ago that still have my heart til this day...
  2. IsTamaraHere

    I am getting back into learning Thai

    I have put it on the back burner for too long ฉันกำลังเรียนภาษาไทยอยู่ในขณะนี้ และมันค่อนข้างท้าทาย C̄hạn kảlạng reīyn p̣hās̄ʹā thịy xyū̀ nı k̄hṇa nī̂ læa mạn kh̀xn k̄ĥāng tĥāthāy It is about as long as the above mentioned and I get above 72% when speaking. writing is ok but not best...
  3. Nobody4444

    MV Official theme song Music Video -- "Summer Dream" IT'S TIME TO GO! 【CHUANG Asia 2024】

    31 January 2024 Official theme song Music Video -- "Summer Dream" IT'S TIME TO GO! 【CHUANG Asia 2024】
  4. IsTamaraHere

    I am trying to learn thai and I find it hard n not hard.

    I don't want to say it's because of my background. Mum divorced dad when I was a wee one at 5. So she never got the chance to teach me, so I am learning myself.
  5. IsTamaraHere

    I tried asking mum about her grandparents, she doesn't remember *cry*

    But to be fair, it has been 30 years as she told me. I guess I can only do father's side for now. long live ancestry forgetfulness :(
  6. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation Holy Cheese 💸

    It was 200000 thb... around 6600 usd :yolk: I thought kpop fans were wild lmao So many gifted him money!!! Congratulations on your graduation Gulf!! @Suzy
  7. PrideInBaek


    I thought Season 1 was great. But this season is absolutely amazing. From the writing to the acting and direction, everything is *chef's kiss* The number of twists that we're getting week after week is making my head spin :jisoosmh:and the episodes give me an adrenaline rush every week!! Who's...
  8. IsTamaraHere

    Appreciation New Photo of Yours Truly

    Taken after I shaved my face. With my updated phone... New razors are a pain, because it nicks like anything and going really slow is bleh. Too sharp imo but oh well Anyways enjoy! @Cosmic @vogue @Jimmychimchim @Saythename17 @JakeyWantsCakey @Vikki @Yachii @lexus @kinnie
  9. FaceMcShooty

    TV The Gifted: Graduation

    Is anyone here watching this series? It's a Thai school drama with superpowers, pretty well directed, and currently at Ep. 6 (there will be 13 episodes). Btw, this is a second season, so if you're interested I suggest watching the first season here (also 13 eps, and all are on YouTube)...
  10. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation Can someone give me my own Sarawat? T^T

    Where do I find someone like this?:lazypotato: If this doesn't melt you even the slightest, you are made of stone :chickill:
  11. PrideInBaek

    Appreciation Bright Vachirawit's Vocals

    I love his voice so much. It is so soothing. He's so talented. I hope he gets to release his own album soon. I know a lot of people will definitely buy it. Personally His vocals are my second favorite till date. Just after Baekhyun. I hope we get to see and hear him for a long, long time.
  12. PrideInBaek

    MV Still 2gether (Official OST)

    Bright's vocals :sj_weary: Didn't expect Win to rap :hayshook: I love the song :taesquish:
  13. TaShye

    Do we listen to the same music??

    Just made this thread so we all can connect to each other on a music level. Plus I'd personally would like to know who listens to the same artists that I do. Suggestions: -I'd suggest like quoting the person who listens to the same music as you and bolding the artists you both listen to...