1. raymondchouku

    YouTube subs

    Any common themes to the channels that you subscribe to? Are most of them dedicated to specific activities or are the channels you sub wildly different? Personally, most of the people I sub tend to be poketubers (Pokemon YouTubers) and people who share unpopular views of either a political or...
  2. Kat_in_the_box

    The Spring in my Step (Rhyming Schemes and Traditonal Themes)

    When writing poetry, do you guys follow the traditional writing methods, or do your own thing for the most part? i.e. rhyming and following a set theme for example. I never used to follow a rhyming scheme, but then I decided to. To get a feel of the great poets before me, I look up to. In...
  3. GloriousHavoc

    What is the main concept of your bias group?

    I don't mean the cute/sexy/badass divide, but something more specific. Are there themes and motifs that keep reappearing from comeback to comeback? While rewatching Seventeen's MVs, I realized how much they reference the process of audio and video production: from writing, recording, training...