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  1. taemkitten

    Performance ✯ ASTRO ✯ // Hanbok Performance of "All Night"

    ASTRO finally got to perform together in an all-Hanbok performance of their recent title release, "All Night!" The group had stated wanting to have a performance where they wore the traditional Hanbok attire, and during a special stage at Music Bank they got to do just that.
  2. taemkitten

    TV ✯ ASTRO's Sanha ✯ // Acting Debut in New Web Drama

    ASTRO's youngest member, Yoon Sanha, has been cast in his debut acting role in an upcoming web drama! Announced to be starring alongside AOA's Chanmi, the two are the leads in a romantic web drama entitled "Love Equation 11M." The story follows a young college student as she leads a life...
  3. taemkitten

    Sanha for Law of the Jungle

    The second member of the boy group, ASTRO, to attend SBS' show Law of the Jungle, Sanha follows fellow member Eunwoo's steps in going to the jungle. Sanha will be part of the new crew going abroad for the show, this time to Myanmar, a country just north of Thailand. Jokes are running rampant...
  4. taemkitten

    Appreciation look at all these chickens

    not really, but they're a gaggle of giggles. i love these idiots. jinjin's hair is such a ball of fluffy mop ;u;
  5. taemkitten

    Photo ✯ ASTRO ✯ // 아스트로 \\ Pre-Debut Thread

    Lee Dongmin (Eunwoo) more coming soon!
  6. taemkitten

    Video Softest Babies (feat. Eunwoo smacking butts)

    (6:02 for Eunwoo's drum solo on Moonbin and Sanha's booties - and his analyzing of them, too)
  7. taemkitten

    Photo ✯ HAPPY MJ DAY ✯

  8. taemkitten

    Photo ✯ ASTRO ✯ // Social Media Updates \\

    This will be strictly a photo and video update thread, by the way! No text updates (unless accompanying a video). Also, these updates will not be in chronological order.
  9. taemkitten

    Debut ✯ ASTRO ✯ // Venus \\ Japanese Debut

    ASTRO's Japanese debut is imminent and AROHA couldn't be more excited! April 3rd marks their official debut, but, Universal Music Store in Japan has already released some teasers for their upcoming official debut. Although the group has performed during their ASTROAD concert tour in Japan, this...
  10. taemkitten

    Photo ASTRO Friends

    Disclaimer: Yes, this can be considered a "shipping" thread, but please be advised that there will be no posting of fan theories, fanfics, fan-edits, fanart, or anything of an explicit nature. This is purely to enjoy the close friendships of ASTRO members and their "moments" together through...
  11. taemkitten

    Debut ASTRO to Make Japanese Debut: April 3

    ASTRO are currently in Japan, preparing for their official Japanese debut on April 3rd! They have already started appearing on discussions and articles in Japan in regards to their Japanese promotions, and appeared on Bershka Live: ASTRO were also at TOWER Records in Shibuya...
  12. taemkitten

    Appreciation ASTRO Angels

    As promised (if they received a win during their "All Light" album promotions), ASTRO wore angel wings for their fans during their final fanmeet of the promotion period! Below are some preview images taken at the final fanmeets.