1. OnlyCalB

    Searching OnlyCalB's Card Help & Trade Information Centre

    Card Master's Card Help & Trade Information Centre "Card Master" is a non-serious role coined by @Ozymandias This is a card help/request and trade information thread, for all your card needs! I will help you with a trade or spot trade moves that you can make yourself so that you can finally...
  2. Darkseid

    Found BTS Jimin card for trade (Super rare, only one in existence)

    It's highly valuable and incredibly rare- only one in the entire forum and it belongs to yours truly through some twist of fate :wimwim: Hit me with your best offers, ideally I'm looking for Sana or Jennie, and if not them then I'll consider Kim Lip or IZ*ONE Yujin OR ITZY Ryujin. However if...
  3. Darkseid

    Found BTS Jin for trade

    Anyone looking to get Daesang winner, Grammy nominee, worldwide handsome Jin off my hands? :sj_weary: What I'm looking for: Any female idol will do basically, except Twice Jeongyeon coz I already have her :wimwim: Also accepting male idols if it's preferably Taeyong, or NCT/SuperM member.
  4. raymondchouku

    Found [Card] Hyuna (5) for Trade

    I have a Hyuna card for trade. I would accept any Exo cards [save for Chen]; Any Shinee; And any SVT except for Wonwoo, Seungkwan, and Jeonghan.