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  1. matteoCFO

    Why do people think I’m awkward for being autistic and half-Mexican?

    I honestly thought when I was younger I looked less autistic and Mexican but now I’m older and autistic and everyone on this board is looking at me weird for having autism and thinks I’m a weirdo for admitting to flapping my hands and getting overstimulated heavily, it’s like they think I’m...
  2. LeeriaYa

    Describe one physical trait you used to dislike, but now adore

    Hi, Hi :dubuwave: Look at your eyes. Look at your toes Bet you’re so pretty. You get all of the Ho- Bro’s I started doing this with my groupchat because honestly who really gets told about traits that stand out and make them unique. I’ve always had an image issue with myself to the point I...
  3. LeeriaYa

    Are you more dominant, or submissive as a person?

    Would you consider yourself more dominant as a person, or more submissive as a person? None of you can say you’re dominant because you’re on top because who posted the thread first? That’s right. Me This could be taken in anyway you want, but I actually did not mean it in That’s right. I...
  4. Skinnny

    What are some traits....

    Of other KPS users you wish you could have? For example, If I had a chance, I would get @emanresu's positivity for sure. What about you?