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tv show

  1. RainbowDevil

    What's your favorite TV show ever?

    I guess I don't even have 1 exactly. It changes over time honestly. I also tend to forget how much I liked a series until i rewatch it too So for me currently it's what I'm watching and that is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D There are plenty of others tho like Code Geass Star Wars: The Clone Wars The...
  2. JakeyWantsCakey

    Reality [We NiziU!~We need U!~] Teaser1

    Looks like some sort of reality show for NiziU, will you be watching?
  3. JakeyWantsCakey

    News Disney XD previews DAY6 Jae and 2PM Nichkhun's cameo as boyband in upcoming 'Big Hero 6: The Series' episode

    Disney has partnered up with two popular JYP Entertainment idols! To commemorate 2020's 'New York Comic Con,' Disney XD revealed a preview of an upcoming episode of 'Big Hero 6: The Series' featuring the voices of DAY6's Jae and 2PM's Nichkhun. In the episode, the two voice the members of...
  4. SapphireBlueSea

    Variety new variety i'm exited about

    k(stage) is a new tv show “Stage K” is global K-Pop dance competition! It is a global challenge for K-Pop fans from all over the world who cover K-Pop dances coming together to competeand and be able to stand on the stage with K-Pop stars. the first guest is super junior also dara is one of...
  5. perhapz

    Game Have you watched the movie/TV series above?

    It's simple, you name a movie or a TV series and the person below has to say if he/she have seen it and then name another movie/series for the person below, and it goes from there. So I'll start: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  6. bulletproof

    News Game of Thrones Prequel cast announced

    The final season of Game of Thrones is so close you can practically smell the White Walkers, which means HBO is hard at work on the potential follow up and just revealed the additional cast members and director who will be joining Naomi Watts for the untitled pilot. E! News has confirmed that...

    TV Opinions: The Haunting of Hill House ( Series )

    My bestfriend and I recently just finished " The Haunting of Hill House " The Netflix series that is based off the book ( By Shirley Jackson ) and relates to the movie " The Haunting ". I thought maybe we could share our thoughts. Light on spoilers for those who have not seen the series MY...