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  1. Xeulgi

    MV TXT - "Puma" mv

  2. eternallyrei

    Discussion Thoughts on 'Can't you see me'

    For me, I really liked the song and the M/V, but it was very different than what I'm used to TXT doing. I don't know why but I laughed at Beomgyu 'suffocating' Taehyun. Yes I know I'm a terrible person My sister's opinion on it is that it's creepy, but she liked their clothing so that's a plus.
  3. gayzone

    Comeback txt - can't you see me

  4. Soleski

    Cover TXT's Yeonjun - Song cry

    He has a pleasant voice, nice cover :pepeheart:
  5. eternallyrei

    Discussion Who is your bias in TXT?

    Mines is Soobin obviously
  6. eternallyrei

    Discussion What comeback stage(s) have you watched recently

    Here are some of the ones I've watched.
  7. eternallyrei

    Discussion This is kinda creepy they look too much alike

    Chan- A.C.E Yeonjun- TXT I am shooketh:hayshook: I dunno If y'all see it, but I definitely do.
  8. eternallyrei

    Discussion What song are you currently listening to?

    Right now, as I type these words, I am listening to 'Angel or Devil' by TXT
  9. eternallyrei

    Appreciation He's so cute I can't-

    He's an actual baby omg I love him <3
  10. eternallyrei

    Discussion Favorite TXT(Tomorrow X Together) song? (Or if you haven't listened to them, a song that looks promising?

    My favorite song of theirs is 'angel or devil' It has a very catchy beat to it and I just can't get enough of it. This is a song you will never get tired of
  11. Soleski

    Cover TXT - In my blood

    I really like this :pepeheart: :pepeheart:
  12. eternallyrei

    Performance asdfghjkl Soobin I swear-

    This isn't fair. He gets to be good at dancing and singing, and being the most adorable person I've ever seen. Adding onto that he's also tall! mm God really does have favorites.
  13. eternallyrei

    Discussion Would you rather go on a bakery date with Soobin or build a blanket fort with Hueningkai

    Hands down going on a bakery date with soobin, not because he's my bias, but because he's so adorable when he eats bread uwu
  14. SeulgisAbs

    News One hour before the comeback, Itzy has already surpassed their Icy Hanteo sales

    Itzy giving Txt a run for their money. Watch their total sales end up being higher than txt.
  15. eclipsoul

    MV TXT 'Run Away' (Japanese version)

  16. Xeulgi

    MV TXT - ”Magic Island” - MV