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  1. Hakunama_Tata

    Appreciation Flower boy Beomgyu

    :sakUwu: That's it. Just look at him! @Moa
  2. sydsisco

    What Kpop songs are best played early in the morning?

    I think Answer by ATEEZ is a good song to start off my morning, what do y'all think? :dubuthink:
  3. sydsisco

    Write a terrible rap with me (Finish the lyrics) (No skill needed)

    Ayo check it You're bored af so you're on this thread Jay Why Pee makes me wish I was dead I'm chillin in school with all my peers My pile of work puts me in tears
  4. Abeamus

    Trading Ateez Jongho Valentines, Lisa Valentines or TXT Soobin Halloween

    Got these options in my first Limited reroll and I'm mainly looking for Chaeryeongs Valentines
  5. bunnyviolet

    Photo TXT x Star Seekers Beomgyu photo

  6. bunnyviolet

    Video THE STAR SEEKERS with TXT teaser

  7. bunnyviolet

    Video TO DO X TXT EP.65

  8. Yeonjunie

    Audio Tomorrow X Together Releases first Christmas carol 'Sweet Dreams'

    Moas, come bless your ears :nekolove: @Moa
  9. Yeonjunie

    Performance TXT performs 'Ito' @ CDTV LIVE! LIVE! Christmas Special

    Finally a proper Ito live performance!!! :pandalove: @Moa
  10. Yeonjunie

    Fanart 🍓 Berry Aesthetics 🍓

    Welcome lurkers, I will post my aesthetics and cute gifs I like here. :PandaUnicorn:
  11. Yeonjunie

    Card Challenge: Songs I want a studio version of

    TXT does shinee covers so well, i'd love a studio version :pikahappy:
  12. Yeonjunie

    Tomorrow X Together's Chaotic Wonderland debuts on BB200

    TXT debuted on BB200 at #177 with their Japanese EP Chaotic Wonderland. They are the only Korean act to debut 3 albums on BB200 in the same year!
  13. maruberry

    TXT makes me so damn salty

    I do not want to like TXT and I know it's unfair but my (Slightly toxic) ex-BTS stan ass does not want to associate with anything related to BTS, bcs that just makes me remember shit I don't wanna remember and feel things I don't wanna feel I do not wish to like TXT But fuck me they make it so...
  14. bunnyviolet

    Photo TXT GQ photos

  15. bunnyviolet

    Photo TXT x Vogue Korea

  16. bunnyviolet

    News TXT are GQ's Men of the Year 2021