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  1. Moguri

    Appreciation Pokemon Trainer Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu

    And the super lovely Also finished the rest of the members! Again they turned out super cute, I love especially Chaeyoung :nekolove: Dahyun: Chaeyoung: Tzuyu: @Once @Tiaramitsu
  2. Yerichu

    Video CM making&Interview -TZUYU-

  3. Moguri

    Tzuyu giving in to fans marriage demands

    :pandaomg: @Once
  4. Moguri

    Photo Is Tzuyu secretly promoting NewJeans?!

    Looking at her shirt, I feel like she clearly joined the bunnies! :llama_flirt: @Once
  5. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu x ZOOC V

    A new installment of this series after a long time! :pandalove: @Once
  6. Skorge

    Appreciation TWICE (partial) - iHeartRadio Interview - March 30th, 2023

    Chaeyoung, Tzuyu, Mina and Dahyun. @Once
  7. Moguri

    Appreciation Rate photographer Nayeons newest works

    Tzuyu wrote: photographer: @nayeonyny Thank you for the nice pictures. Please take good care of me next time, too.~~ {\__/} ( ˘ ³˘ ) 🤎< \ Nayeon commented: “She’s so pretty” and “ I paid attention to the pose and the look 😮” @Once
  8. Moguri

    Appreciation Twices lovey dovey Maknaes

    cute! :pandalove: also dropping a random fact fitting to the occasion: Despite Tzuyu usually being treated like the baby of Twice, Chaeyoung is only 2 month older than her! @Once
  9. Moguri

    Chaeyoung & Tzuyu will appear on MBC RADIO Live streaming!

    Maknae power :pepeheart: It starts in 15 hours, you can even save the Youtube link already if your korean is good enough :sanapray: @Once
  10. Moguri

    Photo Tzuyu picture spam from the last few days

    Tzuyus motto is sharing is caring, so she shared a lot with us :pandaangel: @Once
  11. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu x ZOOC IV

    The saga continues :pandaamazed: @Once
  12. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu becomes second Twice member to hit 10 mio followers on IG

    She barely edged out Nayeon, who will reach this milestone very soon too! Cheers and always think about Tzu :pandalove: @Once
  13. Moguri

    Photo Think about tzu and I’ll think about yu🐠🐠

    Tzuyu posted on IG with that cute caption today :pandaamazed: Jeongyeon responded cutely too :pandalove: As a little Bonus, Dahyuns insta update of today, also with a super cute couple pic with Tzuyu! So always read to the end :llama_squish: @Once
  14. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu pics from the Pop up store meeting!

    Also a cute little video, it was too loud for the sweet Maknae :sadcat: @Once
  15. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu and Mina being extra cute

    They even used the offical shipname :icgyu: @Once
  16. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu x ZOOC III

    More new pics from this campaign :pandaamazed: @Once
  17. Moguri

    Appreciation Tzuyu x ZOOC II

    A new pic from Tzuyus campaign with ZOOC :pepeheart: @Once
  18. VillageIdiot

    Rumor Tzuyu Bought A Home Worth 100 Yuan

    Doesn't clarify if it's a unit or the whole building Assuming they mean Taiwanese Yuan =$3.4M